Alfalfa Research

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Statewide trials and management of corn, cotton, soybean, and small grains.


Recent Publications

Alfalfa response to potassium rate and timing of application.  Grant, T., and H. J. Savoy.  2015.  ASA Southern Branch Meeting, Atlanta, GA, February 1-3, 2015.

Identification of quantitative trait loci for alfalfa forage biomass productivity during drought stress Ray, I. M., Y. Han, L. E, C. D. Meenach, N. Santantonio, M. K. Sledge, C. A. Pierce, T. M. Sterling, R. K. Kersey, H. Bhandari, and M. J. Monteros.  2015.  Crop Science, Vol 55:2012-2033. [Abstract]

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Impact of simulated threecornered alfalfa (Hemiptera: Membracidae) induced plant loss on yield of maturity group IV and V soybean.  Cook, D., S. D. Stewart, et al.  2014.  J. Entomological Science, 49(2): 176-189.

2013 Alfalfa Report Bates, G. E., and D. McIntosh.  2013.  UT Research Report 14-9.

2012 Alfalfa Report Bates, G. E., D. McIntosh, and J. E. Beeler.  2012.  UTIA Research Report 13-8, Research Report 13-8.

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