Atlantic Research

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Crab Lab 
Though crabs are disappearing along America’s coasts, research in land-locked Tennessee could help. Students in Biosystems Engineering have designed a project to replenish crab populations.


Recent Publications

Multiple spawning of captive Atlantic croaker Micropogonias undulatus using abbreviated spawning cycles and hormone treatments.  Sink, T. D., R. J. Strange, and R. T. Lochmann.  2011.  Aquaculture America, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Atlantic Croaker (Micropogonias undulates): An Emerging Candidate for Multiple Purpose Aquaculture.  Strange, R. J.  2011.  Annual Meeting of American Fisheries Society, Seattle, Washington.

Excursive behaviors by female white-tailed deer during estrus at two Mid-Atlantic sites.  Kolodzinski, J. J., Tannenbaum, L. V., L. I. Muller, Osborn, D. A., Adams, K. A., Conner, M. C., Ford, W. M., and Miller, K. V..  2010.  American Midland Naturalist, 163:366-373.

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Constraints on virus production and virus-influenced geochemical processes in the Sargasso Sea and North Atlantic.  Rowe, J. M., M. A. Saxton, M. T. Cottrell, J. M. DeBruyn, G. M. Berg, D. L. Kirchman, D. A. Hutchins, and S. W. Wilhelm.  2008.  Aquatic Microbial Ecology 52:233-244.