Bioprocessing Research

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Size reduction and separation of biomass for energy production and bio-products.


Recent Publications

Supply Chain and Logistic Optimization of Industrial Spent Microbial Biomass (SMB) Distribution as a Soil Amendment for Field Crop Production Lambert, L. H., O. Shvlo, B. C. English, N. S. Eash, J. A. Zahn, and D. M. Lambert.  2019.  Resources, Conservation, & Recycling, Volume 146, July 2019, Pages 218-231. [Abstract]

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Expert Webinar - Biosurfactants: Cost Effective, Healthier and Sustainable Surfactants Hayes, D. G., P. Somasundaran, and E. Acosta.  2011.  Knovel Webinar, 10/25/11, 151 attendees, 257 registrants. [Abstract]

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