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Commendations Corner - July 2019, 7/9/2019


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Governor's Garden 
Some Tennessee teachers have a new lesson plan this fall, and their curriculum came straight from the grounds of the Governor's home.


Recent Publications

Contribution of Agriculture to Davidson County, W567.  Hughes, D. W., H. E. Wright, S. Upendram, R. J. Menard, A. Smith, B. C. English, and K. L. Jensen.  2018.  University of Tennessee, Dept of Ag. & Resource Economics.

Identifying the Range of Distance over which Open Space Affects Housing Vaues Cho, S., D. M. Lambert, S.G. Kim, W. M. Park, and R. K. Roberts.  2010.  Published on-line at AgEcon Search, Selected Paper prepared for presentation at the Southern Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, February 6-9, 2010. [Abstract]

Measuring Interactions among Agricultural Productivity, Trade Openness, Agricultural GDP, and Income in Korea (1972- 2007) Cho, S., T. E. Yu, and Y. T. Kim.  2010.  Published on-line at AgEcon Search, Selected Poster at the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association 2010 AAEA, CAES, & WAEA Joint Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, July 25-27, 2010. [Abstract]

Realizing the economic value of a forested landscape in a viewshed: an assessment of the Scottsboro-Bells Bend forest area near Nashville, Tennessee Poudyal, N. C., D. G. Hodges, J. Fenderson, and W. Tarkington.  2010.  Southern Journal of Applied Forestry, 34(2): 72-28. [Abstract]