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Recent Publications

Circulating concentrations of bovine pregnancy-associated glycoproteins and late embryonic mortality in lactating dairy herds.  Pohler, K., M. H. Pereira, F. R. Lopes, J. C. Lawrence, D. H. Keisler, M. F. Smith, J. L. Vasconcelos, and J. A. Green.  2016.  Journal of Dairy Science.

Use of bovine pregnancy associated glycoproteins (bPAGs) to predict late embryonic mortality in postpartum Nelore beef cows.  Pohler, K., R. F. Peres, J. A. Green, H. Graff, T. Martins, J. L. Vasconcelos, and M. F. Smith.  2016.  Theriogenolgy.

Circulating microRNAs as biomarkers of early embryonic viability in cattle.  Pohler, K., J. A. Green, L. A. Moley, W. Hung, X. Hong, T. W. Geary, L. K. Christenson, and M. F. Smith.  2015.  Biol of Repro - SSR Meetings.

Embryonic Mortality: Novel models for predicting the loss.  Pohler, K., J. A. Green, M. H. Pereira, R. F. Peres, J. L. Vasconcelos, and M. F. Smith.  2015.  Midwest Animal Science Meetings.