Environmental Research

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John Brian (Brian) Alford
Assistant Professor
Fishery conservation and management

Christopher D. Clark
Environmental & Natural Resource Economics

Jennifer M. DeBruyn
Associate Professor
Environmental Microbiology

Burton C. (Burt) English
Production Economics

Michael E. Essington
Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy

J. Mark (Mark) Fly
Environmental psychology; Wildland recreation

Jennifer Anne Franklin
Associate Professor
Tree physiology

George F. Grandle
Associate Professor, Post retirement appointment
Livestock Production Systems

Baohua Gu
Joint Professor
Environmental Biogeochemistry

David P. Harper
Associate Professor
Forest products

Shawn A. Hawkins
Associate Professor
Animal waste management

Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes
Associate Professor
Insect physiology and molecular pathology

Martha W. Keel

Jaehoon Lee
Associate Professor
Environmental soil physics

Joanne Logan
Associate Professor
Applied climatology & climate change

Lori D. Osburn
Greenhouse Manager
Greenhouse Manager

William M. (Bill) Park
Economics of natural resource and environ. policy

Terri L. Quillin
Extension Assistant
Environmental Education

Mark A. Radosevich
Soil microbiology & biochemistry

Thomas J. (Tom) Samples
Turfgrass science and management

Sean Michael Schaeffer
Assistant Professor

Avat Shekoofa
Assistant Professor
Water Stress and Irrigation of Agronomic Crops

John S. Tyner
Associate Professor
Unsaturated flow and transport

Forbes R. Walker
Associate Professor
Environmental soil science

Alvin R. (Al) Womac
Equipment performance & environmental impact

Daniel C. Yoder
Soil and water engineering

Jie (Joe) Zhuang
Fate and transport of envir. contaminant



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Intro to Biosystems Engineering 
Can we get more food, water, energy? Can we solve the problem of environmental degradation, drought, famine? Is it even possible? YES! Through Agricultural and Biological Engineers.


Recent Publications

Analysis of Weather and Environmental Factors Associated with on-target and off-target dicamba applications in 2017 Bish, M, L. E. Steckel, et al.  2018.  WSSA Proceedings 2018:197.

Economic and Environmental Implications of Incorporating Distillers’ Dried Grains with Solubles in Feed Rations of Growing and Finishing Swine in Argentina De Matteis, M.C., T. E. Yu, C. Boyer, K. L. DeLong, and J. K. Smith.  2018.  International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 21(6):803–816. [Abstract]

Insitu Characteristics of Fine Coal Refuse.  Jedari, C., A. Palomino, and E. C. Drumm.  2018.  Proceedings Eighth International Conference on Case Histories in Geotechnical Engineering, accepted , March 24-27, 2019, Philadelphia PA. [Abstract]

Deficit Irrigation of Row Crops Provides Drought Mitigation, Environmental Protection, and Optimized Yield in Humid Regions.  Leib, B. G., and T. Grant.  2018.  Conservation Innovation Grant Showcase at the 73rd Annual Conference of the Soil and Water Conservat, July 29 to August 1, 2018.

Effects of Optical Sensing Based Variable Rate Nitrogen Management on Yields, Nitrogen Use, and Profitability for Cotton Stefanini, M., J. A. Larson, D. M. Lambert, X. Yin, C. Boyer, P. Scharf, B. S. Tubaña, J. J. Varco, D. Dunn,, H. J. Savoy, and M. J. Buschermohle.  2018.  Precision Agriculture. [Abstract]

Effect of weathering on biodegradability of biodegradable mulch film Anunciado, M., L. C. Wadsworth, D. B. Cowan-Banker, and D. G. Hayes.  2017.  BioEnvironmental Polymer Society 24th Annual Meeting, Albany, CA, 20-22 September 2017 (poster). [Abstract]

Switchgrass Cultivar, Yield, and Nutrient Removal Responses to Harvest Timing Ashworth, A. J., F. L. Allen, J. L. Bacon, C. E. Sams, W. E. Hart, J. F. Grant, P. A. Moore, and D. H. Pote.  2017.  Agronomy Journal, Vol 109(6):1-8. [Abstract]

Seed Inorganic Phosphorus Stability and Agronomic Performance of Two Low Phytate Soybean Lines Evaluated Across Six Southern U.S. Environments.  Boehm, J.D., F. R. Walker, H. Bhandari, D. A. Kopsell, and V. R. Pantalone.  2017.  Crop Science, 57:1-9. [Abstract]

Tennessee and Mississippi Upland Cotton Producer Willingness to Participate in Hypothetical Crop Insurance Programs Boyer, C., K. L. Jensen, E. McLeod, and J. A. Larson.  2017.  Journal of Cotton Science, 21:134–142. [Abstract]

An efficient method for cellulose nanofibrils length shearing via environmentally friendly mixed cellulase pretreatment Chen, Y., Y. He, D. Fan, Y. Han, G. Li, and S. Wang.  2017.  Journal of Nanomaterials, 12 pages.

Environmental transmission in an ODE model of Johne’s disease.  De Saliva, K., S. Lenhart, and S. Eda.  2017.  Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 14(4):1001-1017.

Environmentally friendly process for recovery of wood preservative from used copper naphthenate-treated railraod ties Haber, H., P. Kim, S. C. Chmely, J. Lloyd, Y. N. Regmi, N. Abdoulmoumine, and N. Labbe.  2017.  ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering.