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Kurt H. Lamour
Molecular Epidemiology

Arnold M. Saxton
Statistics, genomics

Charles Neal (Neal) Stewart, Jr.
Transgenic plants, phytosensors

Tarek Hewezi
Assistant Professor
Plant Molecular Biology

Margaret E. (Meg) Staton
Assistant Professor
Genomics / Bioinformatics

Bode Adebowale Olukolu
Assistant Professor

Groups and Facilities

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Hardwood Genomics Project 
Creating genomic resources for the most important hardwood species in North America.

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Genomics Hub 
A world-class facility dedicated to agricultural research.



A New Generation of Faculty, 8/2/2017

Faculty 360 | Meg Staton, 2/24/2016

TN to Participate in NSF ‘Big Data’ Genomics Research, 10/14/2014


Recent Publications

First Report of Cercospora apii s. lat. causing a leaf spot on Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis) in the United States Trigiano, R. N., S. L. Boggess, and K. D. Gwinn.  2018.  Plant Disease, Volume 102 (1): 252. [Abstract]

Identifying and Exploring Significant Genomic Regions Associated with Soybean Yield, Seed Fatty Acids, Protein and Oil Smallwood, C., J. D. Gillman, A. M. Saxton, H. Bhandari, P. A. Wadl, B. D. Fallen, D. L. Hyten, Q. Song, and V. R. Pantalone.  2017.  J. Crop Sci. Biotech., 2017 (December) 20 (4) : 243-253. [Abstract]

Comparison of molecular and phenotypic breeding strategies for soybean yield, fatty acids, protein, and oil.  Smallwood, C., J. Gillman, A. M. Saxton, H. Bhandari, P. A. Wadl, B. Fallen, D. Hyten, Q. Song, and V. R. Pantalone.  2017.  World Soybean Research Conference 10, Poster completed and displayed in Plant Biotechnology Bldg. Conference cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. [Abstract]

Zong-Ming Cheng. Genomic identification of bZIP family genes involved in drought and heat stresses in strawberry (Fragaria vesca).  Wang, X., X. Chen, T. Yang, and Z. Cheng.  2017.  International J. Genomics., 3981031. doi: 10.1155/2017/3981031.

Genomic Variation Analysis of Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) NAM (Nested Association Mapping) Parents.  Ali, Shahjahan, M. Saha, L. Bartley, D. Serba, and H. Bhandari.  2016.  Proceedings, Crop Science Society of America, Annual Meeting (6-9 Nov, 2016), Phoenix, AZ. [Abstract]

Construction of a Framework Genetic Linkage Map in Gleditsia triacanthos L Gailing, O, M. E. Staton, T. Lane, S. E. Schlarbaum, R. Nipper, S. Owusu, and J. Carlson.  2016.  Plant Molecular Biology Reporter. [Abstract]

Efforts by the Hardwood Genomics Database team to extend Tripal functionality.  Henry, N  2016.  Plant and Animal Genome Conference, Tripal Session. San Diego, CA.

Advances in ecological genomics in forest trees and applications to genetic resources conservation and breeding Holliday, J., S. Aitken, J. Cooke, B. Fady, S. González‐Martínez, M. Heuertz, J. Jaramillo‐Correa, C. Lexer, M. E. Staton, R. Whetten, and C. Plomion.  2016.  Molecular Ecology. [Abstract]

The green ash transcriptome and identification of genes responding to abiotic and biotic stresses Lane, T, T. Best, N. Zembower, J. Davitt, N. Henry, Y. Xu, J. Koch, H. Liang, J. McGraw, S. Schuster, D. Shim, M. Coggeshall, J. Carlson, and M. E. Staton.  2016.  BMC Genomics. [Abstract]

Population structure of Peronospora effusa in the southwestern USA Lyon, R., J. Correll, C. Feng, B. Bluhm, S. Shrestha, A. Shi, and K. H. Lamour.  2016.  PlosOne. [Abstract]

Metagenomic and near full-length 16S rRNA sequence data in support of the phylogenetic analysis of the rumen bacterial community in steers Myer, P., M. Kim, H. C. Freetly, and T. P. L. Smith.  2016.  Data in Brief, 8:1048-1053.

Construction of high resolution genetic linkage maps to improve the soybean genome sequence assembly Glyma1.01 Song, Q., J. Jenkins, G. Jia, D. Hyten, V. R. Pantalone, S. Jackson, J. Schmutz, and P. Cregan.  2016.  BMC Genomics, 17:33 pp 1-11. [Abstract]