Literature Research

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Recent Publications

Bioactive natural products in plant disease control Gwinn, K. D.  2018.  Studies in Natural Product Chemistry, Studies in Natural Products Chemistry Vol. 56: Copyright: © Elsevier 2018 Published: 1st February 2018 Elsevier Editors: Atta-ur-Rahman. [Abstract]

Price Transmission along the Supply Chain of Strawberries in Mexico Aguilar-Candelas, O., J. Arana-Coronado, C. Trejo-Pech, and M. Martinez-Damian.  2017.  Southern Agricultural Economics Association (SAEA) Annual Meeting 2017.. [Abstract]

Analysis of a Market for Tradable Credits, Policy Uncertainty Effects on Investment Decisions, and the Potential to Supply a Renewable Aviation Fuel Industry with an Experimental Industrial Oilseed.  Markel, E. L.  2017.  Ph.D. Dissertation. [Abstract]

Mycorrhizal stimulation of leaf gas exchange in relation to root colonization, shoot size, leaf phosphorus and nitrogen: a quantitative analysis of the literature using meta-regression Augé, R. M., A. M. Saxton, and H. D. Toler.  2016.  Frontiers in Plant Science, 29 July 2016. [Abstract]

If you study, the last thing you want to be is working under the sun: an analysis of perceptions of agricultural education and occupations in four countries Jones, K., R. Williams, and T. Gill.  2016.  Agriculture and Human Values. [Abstract]

Exploring the role of forest resources in reducing community vulnerability to the heat effects of climate change Walton, Z. T., N. C. Poudyal, C. J. Gaither, J. Hepinstall-Cymerman, and B. Boley.  2016.  Forest Policy and Economics, 71: 94-102. [Abstract]

An exploratory spatial analysis of social vulnerability and smoke plume dispersion in the U.S. South Gaither, C. J., S. Goodrick, B. Murphy, and N. C. Poudyal.  2015.  Forests, 6(5), 1397-1421. [Abstract]

Ocmulgee National Park & Preserve: Review of Literature on Parallel Multiuse, Water, and Heritage Trails Studies.  Jensen, K. L., R. J. Menard, and B. C. English.  2015.  AIM-AG| Agri-Industry Modeling & Analysis Group Report, July 2015.

Bicontinuous Microemulsions: A Valuable Biomembrane Mimetic System for Melittin Urban, V. S., D. G. Hayes, H. M. O'Neill, S. V. Pingali, R. Ye, R. N. Dunlap, V. Sharma, and M. Ohl.  2015.  American Crystallographic Association (ACA) 65th Annual Meeting, 25-29 July 2015, Philadelphia, PA USA. [Abstract]

EntropyExplorer: an R package for computing and comparing differential Shannon entropy, differential coefficient of variation and differential expression Wang, K., C. Phillips, A. M. Saxton, and M. A. Langston.  2015.  BMC Research Notes, 8: 832. [Abstract]

Precious metal-free catalysts for clean energy conversion and development of fuels from renewable sources Das, P., M. L. Helm, and S. C. Chmely.  2014.  Abstract from scientific meeting. [Abstract]

Scientific literature used to clarify which U.S. waters are within EPA’s jurisdiction Ray, D. E., and H. D. Schaffer.  2014.  MidAmerica Farmer Grower, 35(20). May 16, 2014.