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Brian Whitlock
Assistant Professor
Field Services, Theriogenology



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Cotton Module Picker 
More and more producers are using cotton module pickers to get their crops from the field to the gin.


Recent Publications

Tripal Eutils - A Tripal module to increase exchange and reuse of genome assembly metadata Condon, B., A. Almsaeed, C. Childers, S. Ficklin, M. E. Staton, and M. Polechau.  2019.  Database.

Learning Modules Focused on Learner-Centered, Knowledge-Centered, Assessment-Centered, and Community-Centered Environments.  Conner, N. W., and C. T. Stripling.  2019.  NACTA Journal, 63, Supplement 1.

Learning modules focused on learner- centered, knowledge-centered, assessment-centered, and community-centered learning environments.  Conner, N. W., and C. T. Stripling.  2019.  the national conference on Learner Centered Teaching.

New extension software modules to enhance searching and display of transcriptome data in Tripal databases Chen, M, N. Henry, A. Almsaeed, X. Zhou, J. Wegrezyn, S. Ficklin, and M. E. Staton.  2017.  Oxford Database, Jan 1, 2017.

Elasticsearch indexing/search and expression data visualization with two new Tripal extension modules. Live computer demo.  Chen, M., N. Henry, T. Lane, X. Zhou, J. Wegrzyn, S. Ficklin, and M. E. Staton.  2017.  Plant and Animal Genome Conference, San Diego, CA.

Nursery Insect and Mite Management module.  Hale, F. A.  2017.  Advanced Tennessee Master Nursery Producer Program, in press.

Module 4 - Nutritional Management.  Smith, J. K.  2017.  Bayer Animal Health E-learning Module.

Teaching about Water Resources using ArcGIS Online Logan, J., and R. Hanahan.  2015.  ESRI Educational Users annual meeting., San Diego, CA. July 20-24, 2015. [Abstract]

Which veggie are you? Online learning modules.  Vineyard, M. L., C. E. Cummings, C. T. Sneed, and K. L. Franck.  2015.  Online Learning Modules - Which Veggie Are You?.

POLYSYS: Overview of Model and Modules.  English, B. C., and C. M. Hellwinckel.  2014.  Webinar Presentation for, ASCENT Webinar, December 15th.

Tripal: an open source toolkit for building genomic and genetic data websites and databases Ficklin, S., L. A. Sanderson, M. E. Staton, C. H. Cheng, S. Jung, K. Bett, and D. Main.  2014.  Bioinformatics Open Source Conference Proceedings, Bioinformatics Open Source Conference, July 11-12, 2014 Boston, Massachusetts. [Abstract]

Origin of a novel regulatory module by duplication and degeneration of an ancient plant transcription factor Floyd, S. K., J. G. Ryan, S. J. Conway, E. Brenner, K. P. Burris, J. N. Burris, T. Chen, P. P. Edger, S. W. Graham, J. H. Leebens-Mack, J. C. Pires, C. J. Rothfels, E. M. Sigel, D. W. Stevenson, C. N. Stewart, Jr., G. K. S. Wong, and J. L. Bowman.  2014.  Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 81: 159-173.