Nematology Research

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Recent Publications

The nematofauna of the world’s largest diplopod, Archispirostrepus gigas. Society of Nematology, 57th annual meeting, Albuquerque, New Mexico, July 24, 2018.  Phillips, G., and E. C. Bernard.  2018.  Journal of Nematology.

Profile: Hewezi laboratory. Nematology Newsletter, 61, page 4.  Hewezi, T.  2015.  Nematology Newsletter, 61, page 4.

A nematology dream: miscalculations and false prophecies?.  Bernard, E. C.  2008.  Pp. 272-275 in J. M. Webster, K. B. Eriksson, and D. G. McNamara, eds. An anecdotal history of nematology. Sofia, Bulgaria: Pensoft.Publishers.