Parasitic Research

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Recent Publications

Population distributions and densities of plant parasitic nematodes in Tennessee and Kentucky field crops.  Akinrinlola, R., and H. M. Kelly.  2019.  Phytopathology, 109 (9).

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The dauer juvenile and life history observations of Distolabrellus veechi, a facultative insect-parasitic nematode.  Bernard, E. C., S. K. Pothula, and G. Phillips.  2018.  Journal of Nematology.

Stauratostoma shelleyi n. gen., n. sp. (Nematoda: Rhabditida: Thelastomatidae) from Appalachian polydesmid millipedes (Polydesmidae: Xystodesmidae) Phillips, G. J., R. J. Pivar, X. Sun, J. K. Moulton, and E. C. Bernard.  2018.  Journal of Nematology, 50(2): 133146. [Abstract]

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Cotton Disease Loss Estimate Committee Report, 2016 Lawrence, K., H. M. Kelly, et al.  2017.  Beltwide Cotton Conference. [Abstract]

Life where you least expect it: Biodiversity, abundance and prevalence of kleptoparasitic nematodes living inside the gastrointestinal tract of North American diplopods.  Phillips, G.  2017.  Ph.D. Dissertation.

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