Topographic Research

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Cherokee Wetlands 
Wetland and engineering research, teaching and outreach opportunities for UT students, staff and faculty!


Recent Publications

Sustainable STEM: The World is Flat At Least with Topographic Maps Ludwig, A. L., and L. A. Duncan.  2015.  UT Extension website.

Site and topographic features influencing the location of deer-vehicle collisions in middle Tennessee.  Basinger, P.S., J.T. Beaver, M.J. Goode, C. A. Harper, L. I. Muller, and F. T. van Manen.  2011.  Proceedings of Annual Conference of The Wildlife Society.

Helping Rural Communities in the Dominican Republic and Guatemala with Low Cost Sources of Clean Drinking Water Teg, A., F. R. Walker, J. Schwartz, and N. S. Eash.  2009.  Proceedings of 19th Ann. Tenn. Water Res. Symp., April 15 to 17, 2009. [Abstract]

Relating soybean yield variation to soil and topographic factors using precision farming technologies.  McDaniel, C. B., D. D. Tyler, J. B. Wilkerson, H. P. Denton, M. D. Mullen, and A. M. Saxton.  2001.  Abstracts of Technical Papers, Southern Branch of American Society of Agronomy. p. 4.

Microclimates, Peach Bud Phenology And Freeze Risks In A Topographically Diverse Orchard.  Logan, J., M. A. Mueller, and M. J. Searcy.  2000.  Hort Tech 10(2):337-340.