University Research

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Dennis E. Deyton
Fruit crop improvement

David P. Harper
Associate Professor
Forest products

Graham J. Hickling
Associate Professor
Wildlife diseases affecting humans

Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes
Associate Professor
Insect physiology and molecular pathology

Carl E. Sams
Distinguished Professor
Crop physiology

Timothy M. (Tim) Young
Process analytics

J. Mark (Mark) Fly
Environmental psychology; Wildland recreation

William M. (Bill) Park
Economics of natural resource and environ. policy

Scott D. Stewart

Megan L. Leffew
Extension Specialist II
Marketing Specialist

Robert W. (Rob) Holland

Robert W. (Bob) Henry
Macroscopic anatomy & Plastination

Madhu Dhar
Research Associate Professor

David M. Butler
Associate Professor
Organic agriculture and agroecology

Amy Fulcher
Associate Professor
Sustainable ornamental plants

Andrea Lorene Ludwig
Associate Professor
Ecological Engineering

Brian Whitlock
Assistant Professor
Field Services, Theriogenology

Wendell Howell (Hal) Pepper
Extension Specialist II
Value-Added Financial Analysis

John Clinton Stier
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Heather Marie Kelly
Assistant Professor
Plant Pathologist

Brent Lamons
Director, Advising

Tarek Hewezi
Assistant Professor
Plant Molecular Biology

Tiffany Lee Mullins Howard
Director of Advancement

Michele Sides
Director of Advancement

Katie Tolbert
Assistant Professor
Small animal gastroenterology

Scott Lenaghan
Assistant Professor

Craig Steven Pickett
Coordinator III
Coordinator, student life and diversity

Deborah A. (Debbie) Hampstead
OSP Director

John Brian (Brian) Alford
Assistant Professor
Fishery conservation and management

Susan Lynne (Sue) Hamilton
Director and Associate Professor

Neelam Chandra Poudyal
Associate Professor
Natural Resource Policy and Human Dimensions

Heather Sedges Wallace
Assistant Professor
Human Development State Specialist

Thomas V. (Tom) Dailey
Research Scientist I
Bobwhite conservation

Tyson Brant Raper
Assistant Professor
Cotton and small grain production

David Wheeler Hughes
Greever Chair of Agribusiness

Adam Hopkins
Extension Area Specialist
Farm Management

Jennie L. Ivey
Assistant Professor
Extension Equine Specialist

Elizabeth More (Liz) Lennon
Assistant Professor

Tim L. Cross

Avat Shekoofa
Assistant Professor
Water Stress and Irrigation of Agronomic Crops

Traci Lynn Stanley
Research Associate II

Bode Adebowale Olukolu
Assistant Professor

Fred Douglas Tompkins
Interim Dean



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Recent Publications

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Hospitalization - What to Expect.  McCracken, M. J.  2017.  UTCVM Equine Hospital Handout. [Abstract]

Seed inorganic phosphorus stability and agronomic performance of two low phytate soybean lines evaluated across six southeastern U.S. environments.  Pantalone, V. R., and J. Boehm.  2017.  World Soybean Research Conference 10, Poster completed and displayed in Plant Biotechnology Bldg. Conference cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. [Abstract]