Veterinary Research

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Debra Lee Miller
Veterinary pathology

Marcy Jan Souza
Assistant Professor
Veterinary Public Health

Lindsay Taylor Phillips
Major Gifts Officer

Katie Tolbert
Assistant Professor
Small animal gastroenterology

Rebecca Tiffany (Becky) Trout Fryxell
Assistant Professor
Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Brian Whitlock
Assistant Professor
Field Services, Theriogenology

Jacqueline C. (Jacqui) Whittemore
Associate Professor
Internal Medicine

Groups and Facilities

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Ag & Food Security 
Training industry and government to prevent terrorist acts targeting the ag and food sector.



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Vet Equine Center 
Tennessee has more than 40,000 horse farms. Keeping these beautiful animals healthy is a goal for veterinarians and horse owners. UTs college of Veterinary Medicine has a new facility to help.

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Its a common site on Tennessee farmland a grazing herd of goats or sheep. But for small animal farmers, their herds can sometimes face health risks.

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Three D Printing 
The UT College of Veterinary Medicine uses 3-D printing to create replicas of animal bones and tissue - and as a way to rehearse a surgery before actually touching a patient.

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Horse Simulator 
Students at UTs College of Veterinary Medicine practice surgeries on animal simulators with replica organs and tissue made of fibers, water and synthetic materials.


Recent Publications

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