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Partially restoring the chestnut tree may happen in our lifetime.


Recent Publications

First report of an aerial blight of Chrysogenum virginianum (green and gold) caused by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in the United States Trigiano, R. N., S. L. Boggess, and B. H. Ownley.  2018.  Plant Disease.

First report of powdery mildew caused by Golovinomyces spadiceus on green and gold (Chrysogonum virginianum) in the United States Trigiano, R. N., S. L. Boggess, and E. C. Bernard.  2018.  Plant Disease.

Farm Business and Operator Variables Associated with Bulk Tank Somatic Cell Count from Dairy Herds in the Southeastern United States DeLong, K. L., D. M. Lambert, S. M. Schexnayder, P. D. Krawczel, J. M. Fly, L. Garkovich, and S. P. Oliver.  2017.  Journal of Dairy Science, 100(11):9298-9310.

Expression of the limited transpiration trait under high vapor pressure deficit in peanut RIL populations: Runner and Virginia type' A. Shekoofa, T.R. Sinclair, C. Aninbon, C.C. Holbrook, T.G. Isleib, P. Ozias-Akins, and Y. Chu.  Shekoofa, A.  2017.  Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, A research paper-peer review journal, in press.

Simulated Flood of a Small Constructed Floodplain Wetland in Virginia: Event-Scale Pollutant Attenuation Ludwig, A. L., W. C. Hession, D. T. Scott, and D. L. Gallagher.  2016.  Transactions of the ASABE, 59(5): 1319-1329.

Evaluating Financial and Economic Factors Contributing to the Sustainability of Beginning Farms: Evidence from Five Farms in Tennessee and Virginia.  Velandia, M., C. Trejo-Pech, D. Morris, A. L. Wszelaki, K. Niewolny, and L. MacAuley.  2016.  Institute of Agriculture, The Univesity of Tennessee, Extension Publication.

Disruptions of the Supratemporal Canal in the Snubnose Darter (Etheostoma simoterum).  Williams, Chauntelle  2016.  M.S. Thesis.

First report of ranavirus and Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in green salamanders (Aneides aenus) from Virginia, USA Blackburn, M., J. Wayland, W. H. Smith, J. H. McKenna, M. Harry, M. K. Hamed, D. L. Miller, and M. J. Gray.  2015.  Herpetological Review, 46:357-361.

Ant seed dispersal networks in two southwest Virginia forests.  Kwit, C., and H. A. Passmore.  2015.  Natural Areas Association annual conference, Little Rock, AR.

Groundwater Influence on Water Budget of a Small Constructed Floodplain Wetland in the Ridge and Valley of Virginia, USA Ludwig, A. L., and W. C. Hession.  2015.  Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies.

Climate change and outdoor recreation participation in the Southern United States Bowker, J. M., A. E. Askew, N. C. Poudyal, S. Zarnoch, L. Seymour, and H. K. Cordell.  2014.  Climate change adaptation and mitigation management options, (J. M. Vose, and K. D. Klepzig, eds). CRC Press. pg 421-450. Boca Raton, FL.

Virginia buttonweed control with Tribute Total.  Brosnan, J. T., G. K. Breeden, J. J. Vargas, and D. S. Farnsworth.  2014.  2014 University of Tennessee Turfgrass & Ornamental Weed Science Annual Research Report., pp. 89-90.