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Recent Publications

Sustainable Slopes: Satisfying Rainfall-Erosion Equilibrium and Mechanical Stability.  Jeldes, Isaac A., D. C. Yoder, and E. C. Drumm.  2018.  Transactions of the ASABE. [Abstract]

2017 Across Breed EPD Adjustments.  Kirkpatrick, F. D.  2017.  UT Extension, UT Extension.

Grain Stocks Up, Only Minor Adjustments Expected.  Smith, A.  2016.  Mid America Farmer Grower., Vol. 36. No 41.

Adjustments in the tomato spray program in Tennessee.  Bost, S. C.  2015.  30th Annual Tomato Disease Workshop. Baton Rouge, LA..

2014 Across Breed EPD Adjustments Kirkpatrick, F. D.  2014.  UT Extension.

2013 Across Breed EPD Adjustments Kirkpatrick, F. D.  2013.  UT Extension.

Lower Limits of Cotton Seeding Rates in Alternative Row Widths and Patterns Gwathmey, C. O., L. E. Steckel, J. A. Larson, and Mooney, D. F..  2011.  Agronomy Journal 103:584-592 (doi:10.2134/agronj2010.0333). [Abstract]

Making Adjustments for Late Planted Corn.  McClure, M. A.  2011.  IPM Blog article; 5/5/11.