Biology Research

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Hussein A. Al-Wadei
Research Assistant Professor

John Brian (Brian) Alford
Assistant Professor
Fishery conservation and management

Robert M. (Oz) Augé
Drought biology; mycorrhizal symbiosis

Linden E. Craig
Clinical Associate Professor
Anatomic Pathobiology

Mei-Zhen Cui
Research Pathobiology

Jennifer M. DeBruyn
Associate Professor
Environmental Microbiology

Thomas (Tom) Denes
Assistant Professor
Molecular Microbiology and Bacteriophage

Shigetoshi (Shige) Eda
Microbiology, immunology, and diagnosis

Bente Flatland
Associate Professor
Clinical Pathobiology

Jennifer Anne Franklin
Associate Professor
Tree physiology

Christopher Austin (Chris) Graves
Wildlife biology

Robert M. (Bob) Hayes
Director and Professor
Weed Science

Tarek Hewezi
Assistant Professor
Plant Molecular Biology

Allan E. Houston
Research Professor
Forest and wildlife biology

Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes
Associate Professor
Insect physiology and molecular pathology

Sarah W. Keenan
Biogeochemistry, microbial ecology, paleobiology

Charles Kwit
Assistant Professor
Climate change and conservation biology

Seong-Ho Lee
Research Assistant Professor

Scott Lenaghan
Assistant Professor

Elizabeth More (Liz) Lennon
Assistant Professor

Kim Newkirk
Associate Professor
Anatomic Pathobiology

Shelley Newman
Associate Professor & Associate Head
Anatomic Pathobiology

Bode Adebowale Olukolu
Assistant Professor

Mark A. Radosevich
Soil microbiology & biochemistry

Barry T. Rouse
Lindsay Young Distinguished Professor

Avat Shekoofa
Assistant Professor
Water Stress and Irrigation of Agronomic Crops

John Charles Sorochan
Distinguished Professor
Turfgrass biology

Dee Stephenson
Laboratory Section Chief

Xuemin Xu
Research Pathobiology

Joseph D. (Joe) Clark
Associate Professor
Wildlife biology

Frank Loeffler
Governor's Chair -- Microbiology

Gary S. Sayler

James A. Zahn

Groups and Facilities

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Center for Ag Synthetic Biology 
Unique automated platform for agricultural synthetic biology



Promotion and Tenure 2017, 10/16/2017

Neal Stewart Nominated for UT President’s Discover Award, 10/9/2017

A New Generation of Faculty, 8/2/2017

Department of Food Science Changes Name to Better Reflect Focus, 4/30/2017

Promotion and Tenure 2016, 9/29/2016

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Faculty 360 | Ky Pohler, 10/6/2015


Recent Publications

Transcriptomic and Metabolomic Profiling of Chicken Adipose Tissue: Dual Purpose Benefit for Human Obesity and Poultry Production Beckford, R, E. Tague, S. Campagna, and B. H. Voy.  2018.  Current Metabolomics. [Abstract]

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Function and Synthetic Biology of Isoprenoids.  Q. Jia, G. Li, T. G. Köllner, J. Y. Fu, X. Chen, W. Xiong, B. Crandall-Stotler, J. L. Bowman, D. J. Weston, Y. Zhang, L. Chen et al., and F. Chen.  2017.  TERPNET 2017, Dalian, China, 2017.

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Diversity among lowland switchgrass (panicum virgatum l.) Based on microsatellite markers (SSR).  Dalid, C., S. Nayak, K. Chekovskiy, M. Saha, and H. Bhandari.  2016.  Proceedings, National Association of Plant Breeders, Annual Meeting (14-18, Nov, 2016) Raleigh, NC. [Abstract]

Advances in ecological genomics in forest trees and applications to genetic resources conservation and breeding Holliday, J., S. Aitken, J. Cooke, B. Fady, S. González‐Martínez, M. Heuertz, J. Jaramillo‐Correa, C. Lexer, M. E. Staton, R. Whetten, and C. Plomion.  2016.  Molecular Ecology. [Abstract]

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