Biopower Research

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Groups and Facilities

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Sun Grant BioWeb 
Providing current info to use biomass resources for bioenergy and bioproducts.


Recent Publications

Price projections of feedstocks for biofuels and biopower in the U.S.  Langholtz, M., Graham, R., Eaton, L., C. M. Hellwinckel, and D. G. De La Torre Ugarte.  2011.  Energy Policy (2011), doi:10.1016/j.enpol.2011.11.009.

Logistic regression models of factors influencing the location of bioenergy and biofuels plants Young, T. M., R. L. Zaretzki, J. H. Perdue, F. M. Guess, and X. Liu.  2011.  BioResources 6(1):329-343. [Abstract]