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Stephen C Chmely
Research Assistant Professor
Biomass conversion technologies



UTIA Awarded FAA Grant to Analyze Biorefinery Supply Chains, 11/9/2017


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A recent report says the U.S. could produce a billion tons of biofuel materials each year, without impacting food supplies. We are working on ways to produce biomass and alternative fuels.

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Biofuel Refinery Groundbreaking 
Many believe America must find new ways to create energy and fuel. UT recently started construction on a biorefinery to research the manufacture of biofuels from agricultural products.

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Switchgrass Forage 
Experts with UT's Institute of Agriculture believe switchgrass is nutritious for farm animals, and environmentally friendly.


Recent Publications

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Selected Costs and Benefits of Protecting Vital Wildlife Habitats While Producing Biofuel.  Totty, Ben  2013.  M.S. Thesis.

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