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Recent Publications

Underwater Observation and Habitat Utilization of Three Rare Darters (Etheostoma cinereum, Percina burtoni, and Percina williamsi) in the Little River, Blount County, Tennessee.  Jett, R. Trent  2010.  M.S. Thesis.

Perceptions and Preferences of Blount County Residents Regarding the Conversion of Idle Farmland To a Dairy or Residential Subdivision.  Lambert, D. M., C. D. Clark, M. D. Wilcox, Jr., S. Cho, and G. F. Smith.  2009.  Staff Paper Series, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Potential Sources of Non-Point Sediment Pollution in the Little River, Blount County, Tennessee.  Ayers, P. D., J. Logan, and G. V. Melnichenko.  2004.  Proc. 14th Ann. Tenn. Water Res. Symp. 31 Mar 2 Apr, 2004. Burns, TN. pp. P23.