Classification Research

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Sean Michael Schaeffer
Assistant Professor

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Soil genesis, minesoil classification, and disturbed land reclamation.


Recent Publications

Molecular Phylogenetics and Piercer Evolution in the Bug-Killing Flies (Diptera: Tachinidae: Phasiinae) Blaschke, J. D., J. O. Stireman, P. Cerretti, J. E. O'Hara, and J. K. Moulton.  2018.  Systematic Entomology, 43, 218238. [Abstract]

Systematics of the meniscus midges (Diptera: Dixidae) molecular phylogenetics of world taxa and highlights from revisionary studies of Nearctic Dixa Meigen.  Moulton, J. K.  2018.  Proceedings: The 9th International Congress of Dipterology, Orlando, FL, September 25-30, November 2530, Windhoek, Namibia. [Abstract]

The long way to direct virulence classification of economically biotropic oomycetes O. Spring, D. Gomez-Zeledon, D. Hadziabdic Guerry, R. N. Trigiano, M. Thines, and A. Lebeda.  2018.  Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences, 37(6):.

Molecular systematics of Thaumaleidae (Insecta: Diptera): The first phylogeny depicting intergeneric relationships and other taxonomic discoveries.  Pivar, R. J.  2018.  Ph.D. Dissertation. [Abstract]

Analysis of Chenopodium-virus interactions using Chenopodium quinoa reference genome.  Soltani, N., M. E. Staton, M. Huff, and K. D. Gwinn.  2018.  Phytopathology, 108: S1.110. International Congress of Plant Pathology, Boston, MA July 28-August 3, 2018. [Abstract]

Molecular phylogeny and evolution of world Tachinidae (Diptera).  Stireman, J. O., P. Cerretti, J. E. O'Hara, J. D. Blaschke, and J. K. Moulton.  2018.  Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. [Abstract]

The grapevine kinome: annotation, classification and expression patterns in developmental processes and stress responses Zhu, K., X. Wang,, J. Liu, J. Tang,, Q. Cheng,, J. Chen, and Z. Cheng.  2018.  Horticulture Research, 5:19.

Ecological classification systems: Definition crosswalk for Minnesota.  Zobel, J. M., and A. R. Ek.  2017.  Minnesota Forestry Research Notes No. XXX, St. Paul, MN: University of Minnesota, Department of Forest Resources. IN PRESS.

A new species of Oecetis McLachlan (Trichoptera: Leptoceridae) from the Sandhills region of South Carolina, USA.  Flint, O. S., M. A. Floyd, and J. K. Moulton.  2016.  Zoosymposia, 10: 188192. [Abstract]

Phylogenetic placement of two species known only from resting spores: Zoophthora independentia sp. nov. and Z. porteri comb nov. (Entomophthorales: Entomophthoraceae) Hajek, A. E., A. Gryganskyi, T. Bittner, J. K. Liebherr, J. H. Liebherr, A. B. Jensen, J. K. Moulton, and R. A. Humber.  2016.  Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 140: 6874. [Abstract]

Soybean kinome: identification and functional classification.  Hewezi, T.  2016.  Biennial Conference of the Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Soybean., August 7-10, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Soybean Fungicide Classification Poster.  Kelly, H. M.  2016.  W359 UT Extension Publication.