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Andrew P. Griffith
Assistant Professor
Livestock Marketing, Commodity Markets

Scott D. Stewart



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The Story of Cotton 
A look at the history, production and uses of cotton.

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Beef Cattle 
Beef cattle farming is Tennessee’s number one farm commodity - and herd reproductive health is critical. UT’s Institute of Agriculture is working on research to boost cattle pregnancy rates.

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Livestock Research 
It's a problem for Tennessee farmers who produce our top commodity -- beef cattle. Insects such as flies cause serious health problems for their animals, and reduce product quality for consumers.

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Stocker Cattle 
Beef cattle farming is Tennessee’s top agricultural commodity. Some producers provide a valuable service by running “stocker” or “backgrounding” operations.

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Ames Calving Research 
A historic site is contributing to the future of Tennessee's top agricultural commodity--beef cattle farming.

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Cotton Outlook 2011 
Like much of Dixie, Tennessee is -- once again -- the land of cotton. Our state will produce nearly twice as many acres of the crop as it did just a couple of years ago.

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Cotton's Comeback? 
Cotton remains a staple in southern agriculture, but in recent years the number of acres in Tennessee has dropped by a significant amount. But is 2010 the year of cotton's comeback?

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High Input Costs 
Food prices have been going up, but so are the production costs for farmers who grow what we eat. Farm expenses are at record highs for Tennessee row-crop producers.

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Cattle Facility 
Beef cattle farming is Tennessee's top agricultural commodity - generating nearly 600 million dollars each year.


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