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Nozzle Selection 
Nozzle selection has been simplified over the years, but different types of nozzles are needed for different situations.


Recent Publications

To insure or not to insure?: factors affecting acquisition of prescribed burning insurance coverage Parajuli, R., O. Joshi., N. C. Poudyal, and U. Kreuter.  2019.  Rangeland Ecology & Management, 72(6):968-975.

Development of a Distributed Hydrologic Model for a Region with Fragipan Soils to Study Impacts of Climate on Soil Moisture: A Case Study on the Obion River Watershed in West Tennessee Ghaneeizad, S., A. Papanicolaou, B. Abban, C. Wilson, C. Giannopoulos, D. M. Lambert, F. R. Walker, and S. A. Hawkins.  2018.  Geosciences, Geosciences 2018, 8, 364. [Abstract]

Probability of Receiving an Indemnity Payment from Feeder Cattle Livestock Risk Protection Insurance Merritt, M. G., A. P. Griffith, C. Boyer, and K. L. DeLong.  2017.  Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 68(2):451-470. [Abstract]

Assessing the CFA University Recognition Program: A Survey Based Analysis Terrance, G., M. Noguera, and C. Trejo-Pech.  2017.  Journal of Financial Education, 43(2): 339-355. [Abstract]

Construction of a Framework Genetic Linkage Map in Gleditsia triacanthos L Gailing, O, M. E. Staton, T. Lane, S. E. Schlarbaum, R. Nipper, S. Owusu, and J. Carlson.  2016.  Plant Molecular Biology Reporter. [Abstract]

Exploring the role of forest resources in reducing community vulnerability to the heat effects of climate change Walton, Z. T., N. C. Poudyal, C. J. Gaither, J. Hepinstall-Cymerman, and B. Boley.  2016.  Forest Policy and Economics, 71: 94-102. [Abstract]

Profitability and Risk Analysis of Soybean Planting Date by Maturity Group Boyer, C., M. Stefanini, J. A. Larson, A. Smith, A. Mengistu, and M. Bellalui.  2015.  Agronomy Journal, 107(6):2253-2262. [Abstract]

Developing genomic resources for green ash through deep transcriptome sequencing and low-coverage whole genome sequencing.  Lane, T., J. Davvitt, M. Cook, N. Henry, T. Best, N. Zembower, J. Kock, M. Coggeshall, J. Carlson, and M. E. Staton.  2015.  Plant and Animal Genome Conference.

Genomic characterization of ten hardwood tree species from multiplexed low coverage whole genome sequencing Staton, M. E., T. Best, S. Khodewekar, S. Owusu, T. Xu, Y. Yu, T. Jennings, R. Cronn, A. Arugumanathan, C. Coggeshall, S. E. Schlarbaum, and J. Carlson.  2015.  PLOS ONE. [Abstract]

Impact of Carbon Price on Land Coverage for Energy Crop Supply: A Case of Tennessee.  Yu, T. E., B. C. English, and J. Zhong.  2015.  Selected paper at the 90th WEAI annual meeting, Honolulu, HI, June 28-July 2015.

An Analysis of Perceived Constraints to Outdoor Recreation Ghimire, R., G. T. Green, N. C. Poudyal, and H. K. Cordell.  2014.  Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 32(4): 52-67. [Abstract]

To participate in Agricultural Risk Coverage or Price Loss Coverage, that is the question Ray, D. E., and H. D. Schaffer.  2014.  MidAmerica Farmer Grower, 35(49). December 5, 2014.