Culinary Research

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Gourmet Food Safety 
We all want good-tasting foods, but what we eat also has to be safe. UTís Institute of Agriculture works with producers statewide in food safety programs.


Recent Publications

Selenization of basil and cilantro through foliar applications of selenate-Se and selenite-Se.  Kopsell, D. A., C. E. Sams, T. C. Barickman, D. E. Deyton, and D. E. Kopsell.  2009.  HortScience, 44(2):438-442. [Abstract]

Epazote: a Mexican culinary herb with antifungal properties Diroff, T., and M. Gimmel.  2008.  National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Salisbury, MD, April 10-12, 2008.