Disturbances Research

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Stressors, monitoring, management, and restoration for wetland ecosystems.



2016 AgResearch Faculty Awards, 10/6/2016


Recent Publications

Tree Responses to Disturbances.  Mercker, D. C.  2019.  National Woodlands, Vol. 42, No. 4.

A geospatial biomass supply model adjusted for risk for natural disasters Perdue J. H., T. M. Young, J. A. Stanturf, and X. Huang.  2019.  Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 34(7):598-606. [Abstract]

Response of nematode food webs to human induced disturbances.  Pothula, S. K.  2018.  Ph.D. Dissertation.

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Emulating natural disturbances for declining late-successional species: a case study of the consequences for Cerulean Warblers (Setophaga cerulea).  Boves, T. J., D. A. Buehler, J. Sheehan, P. Bohall Wood, A. Rodewald, J. Larkin, P. D. Keyser, F. Newell, G. George, M. Bakermans, A. Evans, and T. Beachy.  2013.  PLoS ONE, E52107.

Assessing anthropogenic and natural disturbances: Vegetational response to similarly aged clearcut and tornado disturbances in an East Tennessee oak-hickory forest.  McGrath, J.C., and W. K. Clatterbuck.  2013.  Proceedings, 15th Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference, Hot Springs, AR, November 18-20, 2009. e-Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-175. Asheville, NC: USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station. p. 81-90.

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Microstegium vimineum spread rate in relations to two different leaf litter disturbances.  Hull, J.A., W. K. Clatterbuck, and Oswalt, C.M..  2011.  Proceedings, Proceedings, 17th Central Hardwood Forest Conference, April 5-7, 2010, Lexington, KY. Poster Abstract.

How can Kirtland's Warbler habitat be produced and maintained for the warbler's conservation in the Bahamas?.  McKenzie, Z., E. H. Helmer, C. C. Larkin, C. Kwit, M. T. K. Roberts, J. M. Wunderle, Jr., and D. N. Ewert.  2011.  Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds, 18th Regional Meeting, Grand Bahama, July 21-25, 2011. [Abstract]

Microstegium vimineum Spread Rate in Relation to Two Different Leaf Litter Disturbances and an Evaluation of Aboveground Biomass Accummulation and Photosynthetic Efficiency in Repsonse to Four Light Treatments.  Hull, J.A.  2010.  MS Thesis. [Abstract]

Effects of common disturbances on composition and succession in coppice plant communities on Eleuthera, The Bahamas: conservation implications.  Larkin, C. C.  2010.  M.S. Thesis, Department of Botany, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.