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Dogwood Patent 
Dr. Mark Windham of University of Tennessee AgResearch discusses research into protecting dogwood trees.


Recent Publications

A Population Genetics Study of Discula Destructiva, the Causal Agent of Dogwood Anthracnose.  Mantooth, K. L.  2016.  M.S. Thesis.

Infection Process of Discula destructiva, the Causal Agent of Dogwood Anthracnose, and Resistance Mechanism of Flowering Dogwood.  Cheng, K.  2011.  University of Tennessee M.S. Thesis. 62 pp.

Genetic diversity of flowering dogwood maintained despite massive mortality caused by dogwood anthracnose.  Hadziabdic, D., B. M. Fitzpatrick, X. Wang, T. A. Rinehart, P. A. Wadl, B. H. Ownley, M. T. Windham, and R. N. Trigiano.  2010.  HortScience, 45:S148 The American Society for Horticultural Science Annual Conference, Palm Desert, CA (August 2010).

Analysis of genetic diversity in flowering dogwood natural stands using microsatellites: the effects of dogwood anthracnose.  Hadziabdic, D., B.M. Fitzpatrick, X. Wang, P. A. Wadl, T.A. Rinehart, B. H. Ownley, M. T. Windham, and R. N. Trigiano.  2010.  Genetica, 138:1047-1057.