Drone Research

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High Hopes for Tennessee Cotton, 4/17/2017


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Cotton Harvest at Milan 
Drone footage of cotton harvest in Milan.

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Sensor Drones 
Many Tennessee farmers use drones to fly over and view crops. UTIA is now working on sensors attached to drones to provide valuable information.


Recent Publications

Foraging and homing behavior of honey bees (Apis mellifera) during a total solar eclipse Waiker, P., S. Baral, S. Bhatia, A. Rueppell, K. Le, E. Amiri, J. M. Tsuruda, and O. Rueppell.  2019.  The Science of Nature, 106: 4. [Abstract]

Brandon Batten uses drones to zero in on crop problems and answers Duncan, L. A.  2018.  Southeast Farm Press.

Veterans use drones, battlefield tactics to aid growers in precision decisions Duncan, L. A.  2018.  Southwest Farm Press.

Proposed Drone Regulations: What Operators Should Know.  Duncan, L. A.  2015.  UT Extension - News You Can Use.