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Policy Analysis 
Policies, regulations, and conditions affecting the farming and ag sector.


Recent Publications

Replacement Beef Cow Valuation under Data Availability Constraints Hagerman, A. D., J. M. Thompson, C. Hamm, and K. K. Johnson.  2017.  Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 4(185). 2017. [Abstract]

Valuing values: A history of wilderness economics Bowker, J. M., H. K. Cordell, and N. C. Poudyal.  2014.  International Journal of Wilderness, 20(2): 26-33. [Abstract]

Easterly: Development economists are cozy with autocratic leaders, little help gets to poor Ray, D. E., and H. D. Schaffer.  2014.  MidAmerica Farmer Grower, 35(29). July 18, 2014.

Eastern Broccoli Production: Improving Nutrition for Consumers and Increasing Production Opportunities for Growers.  Sams, C. E., D. A. Kopsell, Bjorkman, T., Farnham, M., Davis, J., Griffiths, P., Hutton, M., and Smith, W..  2012.  Proceedings of the Southeast Vegetable and Fruit Expo, 2012 Yearbook. Pg. 52. [Abstract]

Glucosinolate Variation among Six Cultigens of Broccoli Grown in Five Diverse East Coast Locations.  Sams, C. E., D. A. Kopsell, Farnham, M. W., Griffiths, P., Hutton, M., Davis, J., and Morris, W..  2012.  HortScience, 47(9):S358. [Abstract]