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Jennifer Anne Franklin
Associate Professor
Tree physiology

Jie (Joe) Zhuang
Fate and transport of envir. contaminant

Sean Michael Schaeffer
Assistant Professor

Groups and Facilities

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Stressors, monitoring, management, and restoration for wetland ecosystems.

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Hardwood Genomics Project 
Creating genomic resources for the most important hardwood species in North America.

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Center for Native Grasslands Management 
Research includes forage production, biofuels production, restoration of native grassland communities, and wildlife conservation.


Recent Publications

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Three essays in forest resources management: Landowners' considerations in ecosystem services, forest certification, and timber supply.  Tian, N.  2017.  Ph.D. Dissertation.

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Long-Term Impacts of Biodegradable Plastic Mulches for Sustainable Production of Fruits and Vegetables Hayes, D. G., L. C. Wadsworth, N. F. Omar, A. L. Wszelaki, J. M. DeBruyn, and S. M. Schaeffer.  2016.  American Ecological Engineering Society 16th Annual Meeting, Knoxville, 7 June 2016.

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