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Janice Lannett (Lannett) Edwards
Reproductive Physiology & Embryology



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Beef Cattle 
Beef cattle farming is Tennesseeís number one farm commodity - and herd reproductive health is critical. UTís Institute of Agriculture is working on research to boost cattle pregnancy rates.


Recent Publications

Effect of complexed trace minerals on oocyte and embryo production in beef cattle.  Dantas, F. G., R. V. Oliveira, R. S. Carvalho, G. A. Franco, S. T. Reese, C. R. Abbott, R. R. Payton, J. Russell, J. L. Edwards, J. K. Smith, and K. Pohler.  2018.  IETS.

Effect of complexed trace minerals on cumulus-oocyte complex recovery and embryo production in beef cattle.  Dantas, F., F. Oliveira, R. Carvalho, G. Franco, S. Reese, C. Abbott, R. R. Payton, J. L. Edwards, J. Russell, J. K. Smith, and K. Pohler.  2018.  Journal of Animal Science.

Unexpected patterns of segregation distortion at a selfish supergene in the fire ant Solenopsis invicta K. Ross, and D. D. Shoemaker.  2018.  BMC Genetics, Nov 7;19(1):101. [Abstract]

Maternal Dietary Fish Oil Influences the Adipose Transcriptome in Offspring.  Mihelic, R, R. Beckford, M. Huff, M. E. Staton, S. Das, J. Wilson, and B. H. Voy.  2018.  FASEB Journal, Vol. 32, No. 1_supplement April 2018. [Abstract]

Mitochondrial-related consequences of heat stress exposure during bovine oocyte maturation persist in early embryo development Payton, R. R., L. A. Rispoli, K. A. Nagel, C. Gondro, A. M. Saxton, B. H. Voy, and J. L. Edwards.  2018.  Journal of Reproduction and Development, 64(3):243-251.

Factors in cattle affecting embryo transfer pregnancies in recipient animals.  Roper, D. A., F. N. Schrick, J. L. Edwards, F. M. Hopkins, T. M. Prado, J. B. Wilkerson, A. M. Saxton, C. D. Young, and W. B. Smith.  2018.  Animal Reproduction Science, 199:79-83.

Maternal consumption of fish oil programs reduced adiposity in broiler chicks Beckford, R. C., S. J. Howard, S. Das, A. Farmer, S. R. Campagna, J. Yu, R. L. Hettich, J. L. Wilson, and B. H. Voy.  2017.  Scientific Reports, Oct 13;7(1):13129, 2017. [Abstract]

The ability to predict late embryonic mortality in cattle utilizing with ELISAs that detect pregnancy associated glycoproteins is antibody dependent.  Gatea, A. O., M. F. Smith, K. Pohler, T. Egen, M. H. C. Pereira, J. L. M. Vasconcelos, J. C. Lawrence, and J. A. Green.  2017.  Theriogenology.

Circulating microRNAs as candidates for early embryonic viability in cattle.  Pohler, K., J. A. Green, L. A. Moley, S. Gunewardena, W. T. Hung, R. R. Payton, X. Hong, L. K Christenson, T. W. Geary, and M. F. Smith.  2017.  Molecular Reproduction and Development.

Mechanisms Associated with Late Embryonic Mortality in Cattle.  Pohler, K., M. F. Smith, T. E. Spencer, and J. A. Green.  2017.  SSR Meeting Proceedings.

The evolution of reproductive strategies in tachinid parasitoids Cerretti, P., J. E. O'Hara, J. K. Moulton, J. Blaschke, and J. Stireman.  2016.  Proceedings: The XXV International Congress of Entomology, Orlando, FL, September 25-30. [Abstract]

Circulating concentrations of bovine pregnancy-associated glycoproteins and late embryonic mortality in lactating dairy herds.  Pohler, K., M. H. Pereira, F. R. Lopes, J. C. Lawrence, D. H. Keisler, M. F. Smith, J. L. Vasconcelos, and J. A. Green.  2016.  Journal of Dairy Science.