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Lori D. Osburn
Greenhouse Manager
Greenhouse Manager

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UT Beef and Forage Center 
Facilitating research and communication to advance the Tennessee Beef and Forage industry.



2019 AgResearch Director’s Awards, 11/5/2019


Recent Publications

Impact of sulfur fertilization on soybean seed protein and amino acids and yield.  Bansal, S., X. Yin, and M. A. McClure.  2019.  USB Production Research Report.

Long-term influence of phosphorus fertilization and soil aggregation on soil organic carbon and nitrogen under no-tillage production systems.  Bansal, S., X. Yin, H. J. Savoy, S. Jagadamma, J. Lee, and V. R. Sykes.  2019.  ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meeting, Agronomy Abstract. Nov 10-13, San Antonio, TX.

Long-term effects of phosphorus fertilization on soil organic carbon, nitrogen and carbon:nitrogen ratio.  Bansal, S., X. Yin, H. J. Savoy, S. Jagadamma, J. Lee, and V. R. Sykes.  2019.  2018-2019 International Soils Meeting, Soil Abstract. Jan 6-9, San Diego, CA.

Effects of fertilization and crown release on white oak (Quercus alba) masting and acorn quality.  Brooke, J.M., J. L. Birchhead, M. A. Lashley, J. M. McCord, J. S. Nanney, and C. A. Harper.  2019.  Forest Ecology and Management, 433:305-312.

Long-term effects of different cover crops, tillage, and nitrogen fertilization rates on soil properties under continuous cotton system of west Tennessee.  Ceylan, S., F. R. Walker, S. Jagadamma, A. Nouri, S. Singh, and B. Kozlowski.  2019.  ASA-Southern Branch Annual Meeting, Feb 3-5, Birmingham, AL.

Opposite effects of nitrogen fertilization and plastic film mulching on crop N and P stoichiometry in a temperate agroecosystem Ding, F., S. Li, X. Lu, F. A. Dijkstra, S. M. Schaeffer, T. An, J. Pei, and J. Wang.  2019.  Journal of Plant Ecology.

Influence of Microtopography and Soil Treatments on Tree Establishment on a Reclaimed Quarry Franklin, J. A., and D. S. Buckley.  2019.  Forests, 10(7), 597; https://doi.org/10.3390/f10070597. [Abstract]

Tree Response to Soil Treatments on Quarry Overburden.  Franklin, J. A., and D. S. Buckley.  2019.  Proceedings of the National Meeting of the American Society of Mining and Reclamation, Big Sky, MT., June 3–7, 2019. [Abstract]

Thirty four years of tillage, cover crops, and fertilization effect on yield and yield stability under weather extremes.  Gharahassanlou, A. N., J. Lee, X. Yin, and D. D. Tyler.  2019.  Annual Meetings of SSSA, Canadian Society of Soil Science, and Mexican Society of Soil Science, Soil Abstract. San Diego, CA. Jan. 6-9.

Soil extracellular enzyme activities under long-term fertilization management in the croplands of China: a meta-analysis Miao, F, Y. Li, S. Cui, S. Jagadamma, G. Yang, and Q. Zhang.  2019.  Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, doi.org/10.1007/s10705-019-09991-2.

Sulfur Fertilization and Sulfur Sufficiency Range for Contemporary Cotton Cultivars with High Yielding Potentials Yu, J., X. Yin, T. B. Raper, and S. Jagadamma.  2019.  International Journal of Plant Production, 13:369–378.

Nitrogen Consumption and Productivity of Cotton under Sensor-based Variable-rate Nitrogen Fertilization Yu, J., X. Yin, T. B. Raper, S. Jagadamma, and D. Chi.  2019.  Agronomy Journal, 111:1–9.