Fiberboard Research

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Forest Products 
Drying, wood composites, manufacturing and sensors.


Recent Publications

Detecting special-cause variation ‘events’ from process data signatures using control bands Young, T. M., O. Khaliukova, N. O. Andre, A. Petutschnigg, and T. G. Rials.  2019.  Journal of Applied Statistics, 46(16):3032-3043. [Abstract]

Quantifying interactions in manufacturing using regression tree models – A useful inductive step for planning a designed experiment Young, T. M.  2018.  29th ICWST International Conference on Wood Science and Technology, Dec. 6-7, 2018. Zagreb, Croatia. [Abstract]

Quantifying natural variation of formaldehyde emissions for wood composite panels.  Young, T. M., J. Otjen, and N. O. Andre.  2014.  PTF BPI 2014. 3rd Intern. Conf. Processing Tech. for the Forest and Bio-based Products Industries, Salzburg/Kuchl, Austria, 24-26 September 2014. p. 461-465. [Abstract]

Layer thickness swell characteristics of medium density fiberboard (MDF) panels affected by some production parameters.  Candan, Z., T. Akbulut, S. Wang, X. Zhang, and A. F. Sisci.  2012.  Wood Research 2012: 57(3): 441-452., (did not report in 2012).

Kernel ridge regression with lagged dependent variable: applications to prediction of internal bond strength in a medium density fiberboard process Kim, N., Y. S. Jeong, M. K. Jeong, and T. M. Young.  2012.  IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics - Part C: Applications and Reviews, 42(6):1011-102. [Abstract]

An extension of regression trees to generate better predictive models Kim, H., F. M. Guess, and T. M. Young.  2011.  IIE Transactions, 43(1):43-54. doi: 10.1080/0740817X.2011.590441. [Abstract]

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Enhanced Prediction of Internal Bond Strength in a Medium Density Fiberboard Process Using Multivariate Methods and Variable Selection.  Andre, N. O., H.W. Cho, S.H. Baek, M.K. Jeong, and T. M. Young.  2008.  Wood Science and Technology. 42:521-534. DOI 10.1007/s00226-008-0204-7. [Abstract]

Predictive Modeling the Internal Bond of Medium Density Fiberboard Using a Modified Principal Component Analysis.  Clapp, N.E., Jr., T. M. Young, and F.M. Guess.  2008.  Forest Products Journal. 58(4):49-55.

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Decision tree applications for forestry and forest products manufacturers.  Young, T. M., Y. J. Wang, D. G. Hodges, and F. M. Guess.  2008.  Proc. of 2008 Southern Forest Economics Workshop. Savannah, GA. Ed. Tommy Tye. Center for Forest Business, University of Georgia, Athens. [Abstract]