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Xiaofei (Philip) Ye
Value-added bioprocess engineering

Doris H. D'Souza
Associate Professor
Foodborne pathogens

Qixin Zhong
Food physical properties

John R. Mount
Associate Professor
Food preservation

Faith Critzer
Assistant Professor
Food Safety Extension Specialist

Mark Thomas Morgan
Professor and Head

Vermont Punongba Dia
Assistant Professor
Food Chemistry and Food Bioactives

Chika C. Okafor
Assistant Professor
Food Safety & Epidemiology

Andrea Sketch (Andi) Lear
Clinical Instructor
Food Animal Field Services

Nathan Miller
Extension Assistant I
Food Safety

Tao Wu
Associate Professor
Food Carbohydrates

Emily Ruth Urban
Programs Administrator



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Tennessee Magic Moments 
Teaming with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Farm Bureau Federation, and producer groups across the state to raise awareness of the importance of agriculture to our state and in our lives.

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Organic Vegetables 
The earth provides the foods we eat -- including healthy vegetables. UT researchers are studying how best to grow these crops, and part of that work involves organic farming.


Recent Publications

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