Food quality Research

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Patent Issued to UT Researchers for Development of Sustainable Food Packaging Alternative from Soy Oil, 9/9/2019

Nanocelluloses: A Sustainable Solution to Combat Ice Recrystallization on Frozen Food, 7/11/2019


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All-Vol Cheese 
UT fans can buy or give the gift of school spirit in the form of a tasty food. The university's Institute of Agriculture and a corporate partner are making and selling All-Vol Cheese.


Recent Publications

Naturally occurring antimicrobials for minimally processed foods Davidson, P. M., F. Critzer, and T. M. Taylor.  2013.  Annual Reviews in Food Science and Technology, 4:163-190. [Abstract]

Nanodispersed eugenol has improved antimicrobial activity against Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Listeria monocytogenes in bovine milk Shah, B., P. M. Davidson, and Q. Zhong.  2013.  International Journal of Food Microbiology, 161:53-59. [Abstract]