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Thomas (Tom) Denes
Assistant Professor
Molecular Microbiology and Bacteriophage

Kurt H. Lamour
Molecular Epidemiology

Bode Adebowale Olukolu
Assistant Professor

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Phytophthora Plant Pathogens 
Soybeans, vegetables, the Irish potato blight, and Sudden Oak Death.



Neal Stewart Nominated for UT President’s Discover Award, 10/9/2017


Recent Publications

Genome-wide association study identified candidate genes controlling continuous storage root formation and bulking in hexaploid sweetpotato Bararyenya A, B. A. Olukolu, P. Tukamuhabwa, W. J. Grüneberg, W. Ekaya, J. Low, M. Ochwo-Ssemakula, T. L. Odong, H. Talwana, A. Badji, M. Kyalo, Y. Nasser, D. Gemenet, M. Kitavi, and R. O. M. Mwanga.  2020.  BMC Plant Biology, 20(1):3. [Abstract]

Dynamic Extreme Aneuploidy (DEA) in the vegetable pathogen Phytophthora capsici and the potential for rapid asexual evolution Hu, J., S. Shrestha, Y. Zhou, J. Mudge, X. Liu, and K. H. Lamour.  2020.  PLOS ONE. [Abstract]

Unraveling the Hexaploid Sweetpotato Inheritance Using Ultra-Dense Multilocus Mapping M. Mollinari, B. A. Olukolu, G. D. S. Pereira, A. Khan, D. Gemenet, G. C. Yencho, and Z. B. Zeng.  2020.  Genes, Genomes, Genetics, 10(1):281-292. [Abstract]

Induced volatile terpenes in roots and leaves of Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) A. Muchlinski, X. Chen, J. Lovell, T. G. Köllner, K. Pelot, P. Zerbe, M. Ruggiero, L. Callaway, S. Laliberte, F. Chen, and D. Tholl.  2019.  Frontiers in Plant Science, 10:1144. [Abstract]

The evolutionary genetics of maize domestication: heritabilities, genetic correlations, constraint and selection C. J. Yang, L. F. Samayoa, P. J. Bradbury, B. A. Olukolu, W. Xue, A. M. York, M. R. Tuholski, W. Wang, L. L. Daskalska, M. A. Nuemeyer, J. D. J. Sanchez-Gonzalez, M. C. Romay, J. C. Glaubitz, Q. Sun, E. S. Buckler, J. B. Holland, and J. F. Doebley.  2019.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(12):5643-5652. [Abstract]

Emission and biosynthesis of volatile terpenoids from the plasmodial slime mold Physarum polycephalum Chen, X., T. G. Köllner, W. Xiong, G. Wei, and F. Chen.  2019.  Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 15:2872–2880. [Abstract]

Tripal Eutils - A Tripal module to increase exchange and reuse of genome assembly metadata Condon, B., A. Almsaeed, C. Childers, S. Ficklin, M. E. Staton, and M. Polechau.  2019.  Database.

Field performance of high oleic soybeans with mutant FAD2-1A and FAD2-1B genes in Tennessee Darr, L., M. Cunicelli, H. Bhandari, K. Bilyeu, F. Chen, T. Hewezi, Z. Li, C. E. Sams, and V. R. Pantalone.  2019.  J. of the American Oil Chemists' Society. [Abstract]

Terpene biosynthesis in red algae is catalyzed by microbial type terpene synthases but not typical plant terpene synthases G. Wei, X. Chen, Q. Jia, T. G. Köllner, D. Bhattacharya, J. Gershenzon, and F. Chen.  2019.  Plant Physiology, 179(2):382–390. [Abstract]

Novel methods for nucleic acid isolation for rumen metagenome assembly.  Henniger, M. T., and P. Myer.  2019.  UTK Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement (EUReCA), Knoxville, TN.

Genome-wide characterization and expression analyses of superoxide dismutase (SOD) genes in Grapevine Hu, X,, C. Hao,, Z. Cheng, and Y. Zhang.  2019.  International Journal of Genomics, Volume 2019, Article ID 7350414.

Complete genome sequences and transmission electron micrographs of Listeria phages of the genus Homburgvirus Hudson, L. K., T. L. Peters, Y. Song, and T. Denes.  2019.  Microbiology Resource Announcements. [Abstract]