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Frank A. Hale
Horticulture, Tobacco, Insects

Amy Fulcher
Associate Professor
Sustainable ornamental plants

Susan Lynne (Sue) Hamilton
Director and Associate Professor

Derrick Ryan Stowell
Extension Assistant I

Groups and Facilities

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UTIA Greenhouses 
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Recent Publications

United States national initiative for consumer horticulture – A strategic plan.  Bradley, L., T. Bewick, E. Bauske, G. Lagellotto, and N. R. Bumgarner.  2016.  6th International Conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture, Abstracts, 70.

The national initiative for consumer horticulture- A strategic plan.  Bradley, L., T. Bewick, E. Bauske, M. Meyer, R. Durham, G. langellotto, N. R. Bumgarner, M. Pooler, and S. Dorn.  2016.  HortScience.

A Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation on Pest Suppression and Yield of Horticultural Crops Shresta, Utsala, R. M. Augé, and D. M. Butler.  2016.  Frontiers in Plant Science. [More]

Winter cover crops increase mycorrhization and yield of subsequent cash crops: a meta-analysis.  Toler, H. D., R. M. Augé, and D. M. Butler.  2016.  American Society for Horticultural Science, ASHS national annual meeting, Atlanta, July 2016.

Statewide Leadership for Home and Consumer Horticulture.  Emery, M. L., and N. R. Bumgarner.  2015.  UTIA publication- Tennessee, Land, Life and Science.

Climate Change—Realities, Controversies, and Responses.  Ray, T. R., C. E. Sams, and W. V. Baird.  2015.  HortScience, 50(9):S66. This was an invited Colloguia for ASHS 2015 Annual Meeting. [More]

First report of leaf spot on switchgrass caused by Pithomyces chartarum in the United States Vu, AL, K. D. Gwinn, and B. H. Ownley.  2013.  Plant Disease, 97 (12):1655. [More]

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