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Edwin C. Couch
Agricultural Service Assistant I
Senior Milker

Jenna Holder
Agricultural Service Aide II
Assistant Milker

Kasey Thomas
Service Aide II
Assistant Milker

Roger Tomberlin
Service Aide II
Assistant Milker



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Mastitis Research 
Dairy farmers face many challenges – including a disease that threatens their cattle and the quality of their milk. AgResearch and Extension team up with producers to fight this problem.

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It’s a common site on Tennessee farmland – a grazing herd of goats or sheep. But for small animal farmers, their herds can sometimes face health risks.

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Hatcher Family Dairy 
Tennessee has lost roughly half its dairy farms in the past decade. But one family wants to keep its centuries-old operation going, and is adapting new production plans to sell their dairy products.


Recent Publications

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