Modification Research

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David P. Harper
Associate Professor
Forest products


Recent Publications

Developing a finite element model to predict the performance of ROPS with minor structural modification under standard tests.  Khorsandi, F., and P. D. Ayers.  2017.  Presented at the 2017 ASABE Conference, Spokane, WA..

Comparative Chemical Characterization of Lunasin-enriched Preparations and Modifications of the Inflammasomes In Vitro.  Price, S. J.  2017.  M.S. Thesis.

Bowman-Birk protease inhibitors on stability against pepsin-pancreatin hydrolysis and modification of the inflammasomes in vitro.  Price, S. J., P. Pangloli, and V. P. Dia.  2017.  American Chemical Society, 253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting. April 2-6, 2017. San Francisco, CA. Oral presentation.

The truth about genetic modification of crops.  Stewart, Jr., C. N.  2017.  The Environmental Law Forum, May/June 2017 p 39.

Progress of targeted genome modification approaches in higher plants Cardi, T., and C. N. Stewart, Jr..  2016.  Plant Cell Reports.

Odor-Induced Taste Modifications in Teas.  Isaacs, R. E.  2016.  M.S. Thesis.

Odor-Induced Taste Modifications in Teas.  Isaacs, R.E., and F. H. Hollis.  2016.  Proceedings, Annual IFT Meeting and Food Expo.

A cyst nematode effector regulates plant gene expressions through epigenetic modifications.  Vijayapalani, P., T. Hewezi, M. G. Mitchum, and T. J. Baum.  2016.  XXVII International Congress of Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions;, July 1721, 2016, Portland, Oregon, USA.

Nanoscale inverstigation of the interfacial properties and modification mechanism of wood-adhesive interphase.  Wang, X.  2016.  Ph.D. Dissertation (co-advisor), 106 pp.

Modification of carbohydrate active enzymes in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.) to improve saccharification and biomass yields for biofuels.  Willis, J. D.  2016.  Ph.D. Dissertation.

Research status of click chemistry used for chemical modification of lignocellulose.  Xiong F., Y. Han, G. Li, T. Qin, S. Wang, and F. Chu.  2016.  Scientia Silvae Sinicae, 52(3): 90-96.

Salmonella in Low Water Activity Foods: Physiological, genetic modification and control methods.  Chen, Wei  2015.  Ph.D. Dissertation.