Mudflats Research

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Many bird species migrate to Tennessee from Canada, and take up residence on our wetlands. We are researching the importance of mudflats and how that habitat impacts shorebirds.


Recent Publications

Waterbird use of Kentucky Reservoir mudflats.  Wirwa, D.  2009.  Drew Wirwa. Master of Science. Graduation: 05/09.

Influences of drawdown on waterbird use of mudflats in Kentucky Reservoir.  Wirwa, D. W., M. J. Gray, T. H. Henry, and R. M. Wheat.  2008.  The 15th Annual Conference of the Wildlife Society, Miami, Florida, USA. Poster and abstract.

Influences of Drawdown on Shorebird Use of Mudflats in Two East Tennessee River Reservoirs.  Laux, J. W., M. J. Gray, T. H. Henry, and R. D. Tankersley.  2007.  The 61st Annual Conference of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Charleston, West Virginia, USA. Presentation and abstract.