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Carl E. Sams
Distinguished Professor
Crop physiology

Janie L. Burney
Nutrition Specialist

Jennifer Anne Franklin
Associate Professor
Tree physiology

Joseph W. (Joe) Bartges
Medicine and nutrition

Claudia A. Kirk
Professor and Head
Internal Medicine, Nutrition

John Travis (Travis) Mulliniks
Assistant Professor
Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management

Lacey Hubbs Johnston
Equine Behavior, Equitation Science, Nutrition



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Governor's Garden 
Some Tennessee teachers have a new lesson plan this fall, and their curriculum came straight from the grounds of the Governor's home.

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Food vs. Fuel 
UT Ag Researchers are studying what could be a compromise between food and fuel.

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Microgreens are tiny plants that add zest to salads and main dishes, and are popular with chefs and customers at high-end restaurants.


Recent Publications

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Seed inorganic phosphorus stability and agronomic performance of two low phytate soybean lines evaluated across six southeastern U.S. environments.  Pantalone, V. R., and J. Boehm.  2017.  World Soybean Research Conference 10, Poster completed and displayed in Plant Biotechnology Bldg. Conference cancelled due to Hurricane Irma.

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Host animal genetic influence in rumen microbial community establishment in cows.  Clemmons, B. A., J. T. Mulliniks, D. R. Donohoe, and P. Myer.  2016.  UT Beef and Forage Center Graduate Research and Poster Symposium, UT Beef and Forage Center Annual Research and Recommendation Meeting. Knoxville, TN.

Partnering Together for Nutrition Education.  Cummings, C. E.  2016.  Extension Brochure.

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UT Schedules Horse Hay Field Days; Two Events Highlight Forage and Nutrition Information for Horse Owners and Business Operators.  Ivey, J. L.  2016.  UTIA News Packet.

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