Particleboard Research

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Forest Products 
Drying, wood composites, manufacturing and sensors.


Recent Publications

Detecting special-cause variation ‘events’ from process data signatures using control bands Young, T. M., O. Khaliukova, N. O. Andre, A. Petutschnigg, and T. G. Rials.  2019.  Journal of Applied Statistics, 46(16):3032-3043. [Abstract]

Carbon footprint as an environmental sustainability indicator for the particleboard produced in Pakistan.  Hussain, M, R. N. Malik, and A. M. Taylor.  2017.  Environmental Research, 155 (2017) 385–393.

Environmental profile analysis of particleboard production: a study in a Pakistani technological condition Hussain, M, R. N. Malik, and A. M. Taylor.  2017.  Int J Life Cycle Assess.

Case studies: a study of missing data imputation in predictive modeling of a wood composite manufacturing process.  Zeng, Y, T. M. Young, D. J. Edwards, F. M. Guess, and C. -H. Chen.  2016.  Journal of Quality Technology, 48(3):284-296. [Abstract]

Predicting the strength properties of wood composites using boosted regression trees Carty, D. M., T. M. Young, R. L. Zaretzki, F. M. Guess, and A. Petutschnigg.  2015.  Forest Products Journal, 65(7/8):365-371. [Abstract]

Dynamic simulation of the continuous flow of bulk material during production to improve the statistical modeling of final product strength properties.  Reigler M., N. O. Andre, M. Gronalt, and T. M. Young.  2015.  International Journal of Production Research, 53(21):6629–6636. [Abstract]

Manufacturing particleboard using hemp shiv and wood particles with low free formaldehyde emission urea-formaldehyde resin.  Li, X., S. Wang, G. Du, Z. Wu, and Y. Cong.  2014.  Forest Products Journal, 64(5/6):187–191.

Quantifying natural variation of formaldehyde emissions for wood composite panels.  Young, T. M., J. Otjen, and N. O. Andre.  2014.  PTF BPI 2014. 3rd Intern. Conf. Processing Tech. for the Forest and Bio-based Products Industries, Salzburg/Kuchl, Austria, 24-26 September 2014. p. 461-465. [Abstract]

Predicting key reliability response with limited response data Young, T. M., N. E. Clapp, Jr., F. M. Guess, and C. H. Chen.  2014.  Quality Engineering, 26(2):223-232. [Abstract]

Real-time process modeling of particleboard manufacture using variable selection and regression methods ensemble Andre, N. O., and T. M. Young.  2013.  European Journal of Wood and Wood Products (Eur. J. Wood Prod. Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff), 71(3): 361-370. [Abstract]

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