Pesticide Research

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Kenny Herndon
Extension Agent III and County Director
Pesticide Certification

Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes
Associate Professor
Insect physiology and molecular pathology

Groups and Facilities

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Bioactive Natural Products 
Harnessing this natural 'arsenal' for agriculture and medicine.



Promotion and Tenure 2016, 9/29/2016


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Bee Research 
Researchers at the UT Institute of Agriculture are exploring reasons behind the decline of the honeybee population, including how agricutural pesticides might affect these beneficial insects.

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Nursery Industry 
Tennessee is a top producer of ornamental plants. The nursery industry here is concentrated in a very specific part of our state, known for a mild climate and growing beautiful trees and shrubs.

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Honeybees are dying nationwide due to a disease that is wiping out colonies. UTIA researchers are working to save the bee population in our state.

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Insects are among the greatest threats to agriculture. Tennessee farmers have seen some pests disappear, but in the process, new ones emerged, and they are attacking fields.

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Gnats (Black Flies) 
In Tennessee’s warm months, gnats are a nuisance to people and animals. UT researchers are working to reduce the population by eliminating them before they’ve hatched from rivers and streams.

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Nozzle Selection 
Nozzle selection has been simplified over the years, but different types of nozzles are needed for different situations.

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Organic Vegetables 
The earth provides the foods we eat -- including healthy vegetables. UT researchers are studying how best to grow these crops, and part of that work involves organic farming.

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Nursery Sprayer 
UT Extension has been involved in developing technology that improves how nurseries apply pesticides.


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