Phytoplankton Research

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Groups and Facilities

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Stressors, monitoring, management, and restoration for wetland ecosystems.


Recent Publications

Urea in Lake Erie: Organic nutrient sources as potentially important drivers of phytoplankton biomass.  Belisle, G. S., M. M. Steffen, H. L. Pound, J. M. DeBruyn, S. B. Watson, R. A. Boubonniere, G. L. Boyer, and S. W. Wilhelm.  2016.  Journal of Great Lakes Research 42: 599-607.

Production of viruses during a spring phytoplankton bloom in the South Pacific off New Zealand.  Matteson, A. R., Loar, S. N., Pickmere, S., J. M. DeBruyn, Boyd, P. R., and Wilhelm, S. W..  2012.  FEMS Microbial Ecology 79: 709-719.