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Groups and Facilities

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Hardwood Genomics Project 
Creating genomic resources for the most important hardwood species in North America.



UT and Genera Energy Harvest Hybrid Poplar Toward Biobased Economy, 3/3/2016


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Renewable Carbon Tree Harvest 
Trees that we harvest can become our fuel, energy, and industrial products. Finding the best materials for this purpose is part of the mission for UT's Center for Renewable Carbon.


Recent Publications

The Curious Silvical Characteristics of Yellow-Poplar; Fusarium Canker of Yellow-Poplar; Why Not Accept Yellow-Poplar on Favorable Sites (3 articles).  Clatterbuck, W. K.  2016.  FWF Extension Update.

Investigating the quality of hybrid poplar as a biochemical feedstock for bioenergy production.  Kim, K., C. Hamilton, J. McCord, T. G. Rials, and N. Labbe.  2016.  IBSS Meeting, Knoxville, TN, July 27-28, 2016.

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Evaluation of Total Mercury and Methylmercury Concentrations of Terrestrial Invertebrates Along Lower East Fork Poplar Creek in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  Standish, C. L.  2016.  M.S. Thesis.

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The IBSS Partnership Field Day – Development of Hybrid Poplar as an Energy Crop.  Rials, T. G.  2014.  Popular press, Interview with WCBI-TV in Columbus, MS. Includes additional story published on the WCBI website.