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Beef Cattle 
Beef cattle farming is Tennesseeís number one farm commodity - and herd reproductive health is critical. UTís Institute of Agriculture is working on research to boost cattle pregnancy rates.


Recent Publications

Size and position of the reproductive tract impacts fertility outcomes and pregnancy losses in lactating dairy cows Madureira, A. M. L., R. K. Poole, T. A. Burnett, T. G. Guida, J. L. Edwards, F. N. Schrick, J. L. M. Vasconcelos, R. L. A. Cerri, and K. G. Pohler.  2020.  Theriogenology, 158:66-74.

Galectin gene expression in the elongating bovine conceptus.  Baldwin, H. L., L. F. Grose, and D. J. Mathew.  2019.  Journal of Dairy Science. [Abstract]

Maternal nutrition and stage of early pregnancy in beef heifers: Impacts on hexose and AA concentrations in maternal and fetal fluids Crouse, M. S., N. P. Greseth, K. McLean, M. R. Crosswhite, N. Negrin-Pereira, A. K. Ward, L. P. Reynolds, C. R. Dahlen, B. W. Neville, P. P. Borowicz, and J. S. Caton.  2019.  Journal of Animal Science.

Interferon tau-dependent and independent effects of the bovine conceptus on the endometrial transcriptome: effect of conceptus origin and sex Mathew, D. J., J. M. Sanchez, C. Passaro, G. Charpigny, S. Behura, T. E. Spencer, and P. Lonergan.  2019.  Biology of Reproduction. [Abstract]

Do differences in the endometrial transcriptome influence conceptus development to Day 14 in cattle? Sanchez J. M., C. Passaro, N. Forde, J. A. Browne, S. Behura, B. Fernandez, D. J. Mathew, A. Kelly, S. Butler, T. E. Spencer, and P. Lonergan.  2019.  Biology of Reproduction. [Abstract]

Bovine endometrium responds differentially to age-matched short and long conceptuses Sanchez, J. M., D. J. Mathew, C. Passaro, G. Charpigny, S. Behura, T. E. Spencer, and P. Lonergan.  2019.  Biology of Reproduction. [Abstract]

Sire contribution to pregnancy loss and pregnancy associated glycoprotein (PAG) production in Nelore cows.  Franco, G. A., R. F. G. Perese, C. F. G. Martins, S. T. Reese, J. L. M. Vasconcelos, and K. Pohler.  2018.  Journal of Animal Science.

The Cost of Keeping One Open Cow Can Pay to Have the Herd Pregnancy Checked Griffith, A. P.  2018.  Ohio Beef Cattle Letter.

Influence of synchronization of ovulation and pregnancy on concentrations of corticosteroid binding globulin in beef heifers.  Lockwood, S. A., H. G. Kattesh, K. Pohler, and J. Rhinehart.  2018.  Journal of Animal Science.

Winter grazing of stockpiled native forages during heifer development delays body weight gain without influencing final pregnancy rates McFarlane, Z. D., E. R. Cope, J. D. Hobbs, R. N. Oakes, K. Pohler, and J. T. Mulliniks.  2018.  Journal of Animal Science.

Pregnancy diagnosis in cattle using pregnancy associated glycoprotein concentration in circulation at day 24 gestation Reese, S. T., M. H. C. Pereira, J. L. Edwards, J. L. M. Vasconcelos, and K. Pohler.  2018.  Theriogenology, 106:178-185.

Early pregnancy in heifer calves.  Rhinehart, J.  2018.  Tennessee Cattle Business.