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Jennifer Anne Franklin
Associate Professor
Tree physiology

Eric C. Drumm
Soil Mechanics and Geotechnics

Groups and Facilities

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Soil genesis, minesoil classification, and disturbed land reclamation.

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Center for Native Grasslands Management 
Research includes forage production, biofuels production, restoration of native grassland communities, and wildlife conservation.



Promotion and Tenure 2017, 10/16/2017


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Mine Reclamation 
We get half our electricity from coal, but getting to coal underground sometimes means we have to cut down trees. UTIA researchers are working to bring new vegetation to former mining sites.


Recent Publications

Standard reclamation practice at post-mining chronosequences across the USA leads to fast recovery of C and N in soil organic matter fractions.  Angst, G., C. W. Mueller, M. Pivokonsky, J. A. Franklin, P. D. Stahl, and J. Frouz.  2017.  Environmental Management. [Abstract]

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Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative, and the Forestry Reclamation Approach for successful reforestation of mined lands.  M. B. Adams, P. Angel, J. A. Franklin, J. Groninger, D. Jacobs, and J. Larkin.  2017.  Book of Abstracts of the VII World Conference on Ecological Restoration, SER 2017 Linking Science and Practice for a Better World, Poz do Iguassu, Aug. 27-Sep. 1, 2017.

Some physiological characteristics to estimate species potential as a mine reclamation ground cover Nurtjahya, E., and J. A. Franklin.  2017.  International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and Environment. [Abstract]

Effectiveness of 10 plant species in the removal of selenium from soil.  Aldrovandi, M., and J. A. Franklin.  2015.  Proceedings of the National Meeting of the American Society of Mining and Reclamation, Lexington, KY Reclamation Opportunities for a SustainableFuture June 6 - 11, 2015. R.I. Barnhisel (Ed.). Published by ASMR;1305 Weathervane Dr., Champaign, IL 61821. [Abstract]

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