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David S Buckley
Forest ecology and silviculture

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Recent Publications

Growth potential of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) for reforestation in the lake states region of the USA.  Pike, C., M. Reinikainen, A. Stefanski, J. M. Zobel, and J. Warren.  2016.  Minnesota Forestry Research Notes No. XXX, St. Paul, MN: University of Minnesota,Department of Forest Resources. IN PRESS.

An African reforestation project that strengthened economic and community development Ray, D. E., and H. D. Schaffer.  2015.  MidAmerica Farmer Grower, 36(16). April 17, 2015.

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Growth potential of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) for reforestation in the lake states region of the USA.  Pike, C., M. Reinikainen, A. Stefanski, J. M. Zobel, and J. Warren.  2014.  Poster, Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota. Presented at the 2014 IUFRO Forest Tree Breeding Conference, August 25-29, 2014, Prague, Czech Republic.

Best Practices for Forest Restoration when Reclaiming Surface Coal Mines.  Zipper, C., C. Barton, J. A. Franklin, J. Skousen, P. Angel, and J. Burger.  2014.  Responsible Mining: Sustainable Practices in the Mining Industry, Chapter 23, pp. 663-704.

Identifying Priority Target Areas for the Knoxville-Knox County Hillside and Ridgetop Protection Plan: Using the Value of Visual Amenity During the Real Estate Boom of 2002–2007 and the Recession of 2008 Chadourne, M.H., S. Cho, and R. K. Roberts.  2013.  The Annals of Regional Science, 50(3):911-934.

Site Preparation When Planting Hardwoods; Hardwood Planting Tips for Reforestation; How to Choose and Plant Trees; Simple Steps to Keep Christmas Trees Fresh.  Clatterbuck, W. K.  2012.  UT Extension Web Packet, UT Extension Web Packet.

Determining Which Trees to Cut or Leave; Hardwood Planting Tips for Reforestation.  Clatterbuck, W. K.  2012.  FWF Extension Update Articles, FWF Extension Update Articles.

Reforestation of steep reclaimed slopes in Appalachia: forest establishment and function.  Franklin, J. A., D. S. Buckley, A. Klobucar, and E. Aubuchon.  2012.  Technology Transfer, Applied Science final report fact sheet, U. S. Office of Surface Mining.

Ridge, Slope, and Hillside Protection Taskforce Projects in Knox County, Tennessee: Costs and Benefits of Reforestation of Target Areas Chadourne, M. H., S. Cho, and R. K. Roberts.  2011.  Published on-line at AgEcon Search, Selected paper. Agricultural and Applied Economics Association Annual Meeting. July 24-26, 2011. Pittsburgh, PA.

Tree response to substrate and grading treatments on quarry overburden.  De Lima, V., J. A. Franklin, and D. S. Buckley.  2011.  National Meeting of the American Society of Mining and Reclamation, Bismarck, ND Reclamation: Sciences Leading to Success June 11 - 16, 2011. R.I. Barnhisel (Ed.) Published by ASMR, 3134 Montavesta Rd., Lexington, KY 40502.

Influence of planted ground cover on tree establishment and growth on eastern US surface mines.  Franklin, J. A., Zipper, C., Burger, J., Skousen, J., and Jacobs, D..  2011.  Proceedings of “Restoring Forests”, a meeting of the International Union of Forestry Research Organizations, Oct. 27-30, Madrid, Spain.