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David S Buckley
Forest ecology and silviculture

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Tree Physiology 
Physical environment impact on the growth and function of native tree species.


Recent Publications

. In vitro plant regeneration from ovules of Taraxacum officinale and T. koksaghyz Chandrasekera, B. S. G., H. Fluess, Y. C. Zhao, R. N. Trigiano, and T. Winkelmann.  2017.  African J. Biotechnology, 16(34):1764-1775.

Regeneration of imperiled hardwoods in the Eastern United States.  Granger, J. J.  2017.  Ph.D. Dissertation.

Artificial Regeneration.  Buckley, D. S., and V. L. Ford.  2016.  Book Chapter, Pp. 85-98 in Keyser, P.D., T. Fearer, and C.A. Harper eds. 2016. Managing Oak Forests in the Eastern United States. CRC Press, New York.

Intestinal regeneration as an insect resistance mechanism to entomopathogenic bacteria.  Castagnola, A., and J. L. Jurat-Fuentes.  2016.  Current Opinion in Insect Science, Volume 15, June 2016, Pages 104-110.

Establishment of American chestnuts (Castanea dentata) bred for blight (Cryphonectria parasitica) resistance: influence of breeding and nursery grading Clark, S. L., S. E. Schlarbaum, A. M. Saxton, and F. V. Hebard.  2016.  New Forests, 47(2): 243-270.

Response of planted northern red oak seedlings to regeneration harvesting, Midstory removal, and prescribed burning.  Clark, S. L., S. E. Schlarbaum, T. L. Keyser, C. J. Schweitzer, M. Spetich, D. Simon, and G. S. Warburton.  2016.  Proceedings of the 18th biennial southern silvicultural research conference., Knoxville, TN, March 3-5, 2015. e-Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-212. Asheville, NC: USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station. 8p.

Northern red oak regeneration: 25-year results of cutting and prescribed fire in Michigan oak and pine stands.  Granger, J. J., D. S. Buckley, J. M. Zobel, and T. L. Sharik.  2016.  Oral presentation, Society of American Foresters National Convention; 2-6 November 2016; Madison, WI.

An Evaluation of the Hardwood Regeneration Model (REGEN) 16 Years Post-Harvest of a Stand in East Tennessee.  Clatterbuck, W. K.  2015.  Proceedings, 17th Biennial Southern Silvicultural Research Conference, Shreveport, LA, March 5-7, 2013. e-Gen. Tech. Rep. SRS-203. Asheville, NC: USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station. p. 352-357.

Factors affecting the regeneration of bur oak (Quercus macrocarpa Michx.) in savanna remnants in central Nebraska.  Granger, J. J., S. J. Rothenberger, D. S. Buckley, and J. M. Zobel.  2015.  Poster, Department of Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries, University of Tennessee. Presented on November 4, 2015 at the Society of American Foresters National Convention, Baton Rouge, LA.

Forest Restoration Following Surface Mining Disturbance: Challenges and Solutions Macdonald, S. E., S. Landhäusser, J. Skousen, J. Frouz, S. Quideau, and S. Hall., and D. Jacobs.  2015.  New Forests, 46(5-6): 703-732.

Development of an Efficient Cell Suspension Culture System for Protoplast Production, Rapid Cell Wall Biosynthesis, and Shoot Regeneration in Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum L.).  Ondzighi-Assoume, C., G. Pigna, S. M. Allen, M. R. Rudis, J. D. Willis, S. Lenaghan, Z. King, W. A. Parrot, and C. N. Stewart, Jr..  2015.  Switchgrass III: Prairie and Native Grass International Conference., Knoxville, TN.

Morphology and Ploidy Level Determination of Pteris vittata Callus During Induction and Regeneration.  Joyce, B. L., S. Eda, J. Dunlap, and C. N. Stewart, Jr..  2014.  BMC Biotechnology, 14:96.