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Erin G. Webb
Agricultural Engineer



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Southern Part. for Integr. Biomass Supply Systems 
The Southern Partnership for Integrated Biomass Supply Systems


Recent Publications

Electrocatalytic activity and stability enhancement via preferential deposition of phosphide on carbide Regmi, Y. N., A. Roy, G. A. Goenaga, J. R. McBride, B. R. Rogers, T. A. Zawodzinski, N. Labbe, and S. C. Chmely.  2017.  ChemCatChem.

A Principal Component Analysis in Switchgrass Chemical Composition Aboytes, M., K. Castillo, T. E. Yu, C. Boyer, B. C. English, J. A. Larson, L. M. Kline, and N. Labbe.  2016.  Energies, 9, 913.

Paying for what you get: Accounting for the non-renewable energy component in biofuels.  Krc, J., A. M. Taylor, and D. G. Hodges.  2016.  Forest Products Journal, 66(7/8):384390.

Mapping Daily Light Integrals for Greenhouse Production.  Logan, J., C. E. Sams, and J. Faust.  2016.  22nd Conference on Applied Climatology, New Orleans, LA, Jan 10-14, 2016.

The impact of harvest timing on biomass yield from native warm-season grass mixtures McIntosh, D., G. E. Bates, P. D. Keyser, F. L. Allen, C. A. Harper, J. L. Birckhead, J. C. Waller, W. M. Backus, and J. E. Beeler.  2015.  Agronomy JournalJournal, Published in Agron. J. 107:23212326 (2015) doi:10.2134/agronj15.0251 Received 25 May 2015 Accepted 22 July 2015.

Computational fluid dynamics modelling of a bench-scale fluidized bed biomass gasifier.  Oluwafemi Oyedeji, and N. Abdoulmoumine.  2015.  2016 Annual International Meeting of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.

Understanding the characteristics of non-industrial private forest landowners that harvest woody biomass Young, T. M., Y. Yang, F. M. Guess, J. M. Fly, D. G. Hodges, and N. C. Poudyal.  2015.  Small Scale Forestry, 14:273-285.

Woody biomass policies and location decisions of the woody bioenergy industry in the southern United States Guo, Zhimei, D. G. Hodges, and T. M. Young.  2013.  Biomass and Bioenergy, 56 (September): 268273.

Genetic variability for biomass yield, yield components, and ethanol yield among half-sibs of switchgrass.  Hughes, E., F. L. Allen, V. Sykes, M. Bobbit, and H. Bhandari.  2013.  Poster presented at: ASA, CSSA, SSSA International Annual Mtgs. (Nov 3-6) Tampa, FL.

Optimization of Cost and Greenhouse Gass Emissions of a Dedicated Energy Crop Supply System to Bio-refineries in Tennessee Z. Wang, T. E. Yu, B. C. English, and J. A. Larson.  2013.  proceedings, Anchorage, AK., 32nd USAEE/IAEE North American Conference, July 28-31.

An Engineering-Economic Model for Analyzing Dairy Plug-Flow Anaerobic Digesters: Cost Structures and Policy Implications.  Faulhaber, C. R., D. R. Raman, and R. T. Burns.  2012.  Transactions of the ASABE.

Woody Biomass Utilization Policies: State Rankings for the U.S.  Guo, Zhimei, D. G. Hodges, and T. M. Young.  2012.  Forest Policy and Economics 21 (2012) 5461.