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Joe R. Sarten
Engineer II

Joel B. Lown
Coordinator III
Information Coordinator

Michael E. Essington
Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy

Baohua Gu
Joint Professor
Environmental Biogeochemistry

Burton C. (Burt) English
Production Economics

C Owen (Owen) Gwathmey
Professor Emeritus, Post-retirement appointment
Crop physiology and agronomy

Kimberly D. Gwinn
Associate Professor
Plant Pathology

Robert B. (Bobby) Simpson
Research Center Director

Dennis R. West
Plant breeding

Timothy M. (Tim) Young
Process analytics

Joseph L. Donaldson
Assistant Professor
Program Planning and Evaluation

J. Mark (Mark) Fly
Environmental psychology; Wildland recreation

Thomas J. (Tom) Samples
Turfgrass science and management

Charles Neal (Neal) Stewart, Jr.
Transgenic plants, phytosensors

Renee M. Thomas
Admin Support Assistant II

Ginger Rowsey
Information Specialist I
Writer (AgResearch)

Xuemin Xu
Research Pathobiology

Mei-Zhen Cui
Research Pathobiology

Joseph W. (Joe) Bartges
Medicine and nutrition

Maria Cekanova
Research Assistant Professor

Jennifer M. DeBruyn
Associate Professor
Environmental Microbiology

Jie (Joe) Zhuang
Fate and transport of envir. contaminant

Charles Kwit
Assistant Professor
Climate change and conservation biology

Michael John De Veth
Assistant Professor
Bioactive compound influence on dairy cattle

Faith Critzer
Assistant Professor
Food Safety Extension Specialist

Seth M. Dabney
Research Agronomist

Tarek Hewezi
Assistant Professor
Plant Molecular Biology

Charles Patrick (Pat) Collier
Nanofabrication Research

Susan Lynne (Sue) Hamilton
Director and Associate Professor

Robert M. (Bob) Hayes
Director and Professor
Weed Science

Neelam Chandra Poudyal
Associate Professor
Natural Resource Policy and Human Dimensions

David Wheeler Hughes
Greever Chair of Agribusiness

Kody Hash
Research Specialist II
Research Specialist II

Thomas J. Sauer
Research Soil Scientist USDA-ARS

Bradley Tate (Tate) Walker
Research Supervisor I
Research Supervisor I


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Recent Publications

Breeding for improved oil quality in high yielding soybean lines using molecular markers for selecting fAD3A and FAD3C mutant alleles.  A. Willette, H. Bhandari, C. E. Sams, F. Chen, V. R. Sykes, C. Smallwood, and V. R. Pantalone.  2017.  World Soybean Research Conference 10, Poster completed and displayed in Plant Biotechnology Bldg. Conference cancelled due to Hurricane Irma. [More]

Effect of weathering on biodegradability of biodegradable mulch film Anunciado, M., L. C. Wadsworth, D. B. Cowan-Banker, and D. G. Hayes.  2017.  BioEnvironmental Polymer Society 24th Annual Meeting, Albany, CA, 20-22 September 2017 (poster). [More]

Chapter 6: Tree-Compatible Ground Covers for Reforestation and Erosion Control Burger, J., V. Davis, J. A. Franklin, C. Zipper, J. Skousen, C. Barton, and P. Angel.  2017.  The Forestry Reclamation Approach: Guide to Successful Reforestation of Mined Lands, M. B. Adams, Editor. [More]

TCD research in Tennessee: Geosmithia morbida virulence, alternative vectors, and associated Geosmithia species.  Chahal, K., R. Gazis, E. Oren, D. Hadziabdic, W. E. Klingeman, P. L. Lambdin, J. F. Grant, and M. T. Windham.  2017.  Thousand Cankers Disease Research and Management Operational Meeting., Lafayette, IN, 13-15 June 2017. online (YouTube video).

Chapter 9: Planting Hardwood Tree Seedlings on Reclaimed Mine Land in the Appalachian Region Davis, V., J. A. Franklin, C. Zipper, and P. Angel.  2017.  The Forestry Reclamation Approach: Guide to Successful Reforestation of Mined Lands, M. B. Adams, Editor. [More]

Farm Business and Operator Variables Associated with Bulk Tank Somatic Cell Count from Dairy Herds in the Southeastern United States DeLong, K. L., D. M. Lambert, S. M. Schexnayder, P. D. Krawczel, J. M. Fly, L. Garkovich, and S. P. Oliver.  2017.  Journal of Dairy Science, 100(11):9298-9310. [More]

Foliar Application of Abscisic Acid to Day-Neutral Strawberry Cultivars to Influence Fruit Production.  Deyton, D. E., C. E. Sams, and J. C. Cummins.  2017.  Plant Growth Regulator Society of America, Anchorage, Alaska, August 6-10, 2017. [More]

Selecting Cotton Yield Response Function to Estimate Profit-Maximizing Potassium Fertilization Rates for Cotton Production in Tennessee Harmon, X., C. Boyer, C. O. Gwathmey, J. A. Larson, and R. K. Roberts.  2017.  Journal of Plant Nutrition, 40,11:1547-1556. [More]

Temporal Frequency of Soil Test Information Effects on Returns to Potassium Fertilization in Cotton Production Harmon, X.L., C. Boyer, D. M. Lambert, and J. A. Larson.  2017.  Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 49,2: 251-272. [More]

Formation of Nanoplastics from Biodegradable Plastic Mulch Films and Characterization of their Behavior in Soil Hayes, D. G., A. Astner, H. M. O'Neill, B. R. Evans, S. V. Pingali, and V. S. Urban.  2017.  BioEnvironmental Polymer Society 24th Annual Meeting, Albany, CA, 20-22 September 2017. [More]

Food Security through Biotechnology: The Case of Genetically Modified Sugar Beets in the United States Kennedy, P. L., K. E. Lewis, and A. Schmitz.  2017.  World Agricultural Resources and Food Security, Schmitz, A., P.L. Kennedy, T.G. Schmitz (Eds.), Volume 17, Frontiers of Economics and Globalization. [More]

Changing Pastures in the Fescue-Belt and Tennessee Research on Warm-season Forage.  Keyser, P. D., G. E. Bates, J. Jennings, and R. Smith.  2017.  71st Southern Pasture and Forage Crop Improvement Conference, Knoxville, TN, June 5-7, 2017.